OFIP open letter to hon. Jim Carr: “How does criticism of Israel pose a threat to public safety and national security in Canada? See his answer.

On June 8th, the Federal Government Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security issued a report on violent extremism in Canada. One of its 30 recommendations called for the government to “condemn” strong criticism of Israel on Canadian campuses. How criticism of Israel might be related to violent extremism was not clear. OFIP wrote an open letter to Mr. Carr asking for an explanation. His answer was less than satisfactory. Read more…


Jewish Group launches Canada-wide education campaign on Israeli apartheid

On Sunday, March 20th, Independent Jewish Voices Canada launched a campaign to raise awareness of, and urge Canadian action against, Israeli apartheid against Palestinians. CTIP interviewed IJV’s Corey Balsam about the objectives of the campaign and the main activities proposed. Read more and watch the interview….


Report from Kairos Conference in Bethlehem: an interview with Father Robert Assaly

robert assaly head shot

The Rev. Robert Assaly was ordained an Anglican priest 23 years ago in Ottawa. In 1992 he was sent to be the Director of the Middle East Council of Churches’ Jerusalem office. While there he was appointed Anglican Vicar of Gaza, returning to Canada after three years. He has been a member of the Church’s Middle East Working Group since the late-80s, and is Chair of Canadian Friends of Sabeel (CFOS). I interviewed him after his return from the Kairos Conference in Bethlehem, held in December 2014.


Who is Jeff Halper? And why is he visiting 12 Canadian cities in the dead of winter?

jeff halper carted away   jeff halper professor

LEFT: HALPER being arrested as he resists the demolition of a Palestinian family’s house. RIGHT: Dr. Halper is the founder and co-director of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions. He is on a cross Canada tour talking about his work and about the prospects for a just solution to the Israel/Palestine issue. He will be visiting 12 cities. On the eve of his departure for Canada, I asked him a few personal questions. Photos: ICAHD – UK