Month: July 2022

“Stuck under the Nakba tree”: barred from Palestine but unable to find comfort in Canada

Dr. Mowafa Said Househ was born in Edmonton to a family of Palestinian refugees. In an intimate and sometimes painful autobiography, Househ paints a portrait of an unhappy Muslim family finding it difficult to fit into a sometimes indifferent, sometimes racist Canadian society. Today, he has a Ph.D. and a part-time position at the University of Victoria. But despite what most people would call “success”, he has returned to live in the gulf region. Why can’t he find happiness in Canada? Read his book and find out…


A Canadian first: University of Waterloo launches a “Foundation for Palestinian Studies”

Flags of Canada, Palestine and the University of Waterloo grace the stage on the May 24 launch of the university‚Äôs new “Foundation for Palestinian Studies” at a gala event attended by over a hundred academics, university administrators, former diplomats and others. The foundation is the brainchild of Shawky Fahel, a Palestinian Canadian businessman with the support of private donors and the University itself. In a short video interview, Fahel explains the origin of his idea. Read more…


President Biden’s visit to Israel and Saudi Arabia is not about promoting human rights and democracy, claims columnist Peter Beinart

President Joe Biden will travel to Israel and Saudi Arabia this week, two states not known for their respect for human rights. Author Peter Beinart argues in a recent article that instead of his claim to want to oppose authoritarianism around the world, Biden is actually doing the opposite. Read more.