Minister Joly is concerned over threats to the “rule of law” in Israel: but she should take a closer look at its existing practices

Last March, Canada’s foreign affairs minister Mme Melanie Joly assured Canadians she had pushed Israel to drop its planned reform of the judiciary, underscoring Canada’s support for the “rule of law”. But the case of Shadi Khouri, a 16 year old Palestinian in Jerusalem should raise questions about the ‘rule of lawin Israel even before the proposed reforms. Read more…


What would Prime Minister Trudeau have said if Palestinian troops had attacked Israeli Jews praying in a Synagogue on Passover?

The images were shocking. Israeli soldiers armed with stun grenades, tear gas, batons and rifles) attacking Palestinian worshippers INSIDE the Al Aqsa Mosque. Prime Minister Trudeau made a statement indicating concern about the “violence around the Al Aqsa Mosque’. Neutral. non-judgemental. But what might he have said if the tables had been turned? Read more…


Joint delegation of Canadian human rights organizations reports on its recent trip to Israel/Palestine: “the situation is getting worse”

During a 17 day trip in October/November, a delegation from three different Canadian human rights organizations travelled the length and breadth of Israel/Palestine. Here Philip Sherwood, (UNJPPI), Peter Larson (OFIP) and Michael Bueckert (CJPME) meet over dinner in Nazareth with Haneen Zoabi, a Palestinian citizen of Israel and a former member of the Knesset. Read more and watch the video trip report.


“The creation of Israel has been a settler colonial project since 1917”, Rashid Khalidi tells University of Waterloo crowd

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Professor Rashid Khalidi of Columbia University was the invited guest speaker at the first lecture organized by the Foundation for Palestinian Studies Fund of the University of Waterloo. He developed his argument that the creation of the State of Israel was a European colonial project aimed at transforming the land of Palestine into the land of Israel. Read more and watch the YouTube video of his presentation.