Month: January 2016

York U mural controversy: a sign of things to come

york u rally

York University has been a centre of sometimes rowdy debate among students over Israel/Palestine for more than a decade. But now Paul Bronfman, a wealthy Jewish donor has threatened the university over a mural he claims is anti-Semitic. The move has provoked even more fierce debate. Read more. (more…)

“Is Israel Finished?” – Michael Enright’s surprising (and disappointing) interview with Ron Rosenbaum


Michael Enright, host of CBC’s flagship program ‘The Sunday Edition’ gave a long interview to Professor Ron Rosenbaum on January 18th. Rosenbaum argued that Israel’s days are numbered. Is it true? Read more.


Toronto Star praises “The Canadian who saved Nazareth”!! Really? Take a look!

Zionist troops from Ben Dunkelman’s 7th brigade celebrate on July 17th, 1948, after the surrender of the mostly Christian Palestinian city of Nazareth. The Toronto Star calls Dunkelman a “hero” because he protected the residents from death or expulsion. But hold on. According to the UN partition plan, Nazareth was not supposed to be in Israel. And Dunkelman’s concern for Christians did not extend to Muslims. So what kind of hero is that? Read more (more…)

How can cows threaten Israeli security? “The Wanted 18” in Ottawa January 19th

wanted 18

Palestinians are the world champions in innovative forms of peaceful resistance. An animated film co-directed by Canadian Paul Cowan and Palestinian artist Amer Shomali with support from Canada’s National Film Board is coming to Ottawa January 19th. It caused indigestion for the Israeli culture minister. Why? Read more