Jewish Group launches Canada-wide education campaign on Israeli apartheid

On Sunday, March 20th, Independent Jewish Voices Canada launched a campaign to raise awareness of, and urge Canadian action against, Israeli apartheid against Palestinians. CTIP interviewed IJV’s Corey Balsam about the objectives of the campaign and the main activities proposed. Read more and watch the interview….


Canada remains silent as Israel continues to crush Palestinian institutions in East Jerusalem

The Edward Said National Conservatory of Music in East Jerusalem, and Yabous, a cultural centre, were raided by Israeli police in late July. Several directors were arrested and repeatedly interrogated. International law does not recognize Israel’s claim of sovereignty over East Jerusalem. Neither does Canadian policy. Other countries objected to the Israeli incursion. However, so far Canada has remained silent. Read more.


Many factors in Canada’s loss at UN Security Council: expert panel says

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s campaign to get Canada elected to the prestigious UN Security Council crashed and burned on June 10th, as we lost out to Norway and Ireland. Because it was a secret ballot, there is no way to tell who supported us, who voted against us or why. An OFIP expert panel examined many reasons why other countries might not have found Canada to be the best candidate. Read more or watch the 90 minute video of the event….

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