Month: October 2020

If he had not been assassinated, would Yitzhak Rabin really have made peace? “Not likely” say Palestinian-Canadian analysts

The famous Rabin-Arafat handshake under Clinton’s watchful eye in 1993. Was the Oslo deal really a basis for lasting “peace” or was it a US backed trap for the PLO leadership? Some Israelis still venerate Rabin, claiming that if he had not been assassinated by a right wing Zionist, the Oslo agreements would have brought about peace based on a two state solution. But many Palestinians disagree. Read more…


Canada has slowly started a “Truth and Reconciliation” process with indigenous peoples: could it also happen in Israel?

After years of ignoring the horrors of the residential school system, Canada slowly embarked on a process of “Truth and Reconciliation” with its indigenous peoples. The final report of the TRC commission was officially adopted by the Government of Canada. In Israel, however, there is still denial about the impact of the creation of the State of Israel on the indigenous Palestinians. Could this ever change? One organization is trying to educate Israeli Jews about their own history. It’s making some progress. But it’s not easy. Read more.


Two ways Canadians can help keep the Palestinian economy “afloat” in the face of the twin challenges of COVID and the Israeli occupation

Israel is triumphant. Dominant militarily, diplomatically and economically. The West Bank economy has been decimated. Unemployment is soaring. Tourism – long a main source of income, especially in towns like Bethlehem, has been almost completely shut down. And with it, the possibility of selling handicrafts to tourists. Here are a couple of ways Canadians can act to help keep the Palestinian economy afloat in the West Bank until this devastating pandemic is under control. Read more…