Month: April 2019

Michael Enright is right about the danger of anti-Semitism – but wrong about how to fight it


CBC’s Michael Enright (l) interviewed US professor Deborah Lipstadt (r) on March 30th about the rise of anti-Semitism and how to combat it. They were right to signal the danger, but their analysis is faulty and so is their solution, according to two OFIP members. Read more. (more…)

Progressive Jews launch open invitation to a “Liberation Seder” to honour the struggle for liberation of Palestinians

ham-seder-18-table-listening-600 (002)

At Passover Jewish families celebrate with a ritual family dinner called a “Seder” at which the story of the liberation of the ancient Hebrews from oppression in the land of Egypt is recited. A Hamilton Ontario Rabbi invites Jews and non-Jews to come to a Seder with a modern twist. Read more.


APRIL FOOLS – In wake of damning UN report, Trudeau to lead Canadian fact-finding mission to Gaza – Netanyahu furious

trudeau net

BFF in happier times: Trudeau (with Likud blue tie) and Netanyahu (with Liberal red one). But after reading the recent UN report on Israeli crimes in Gaza, Trudeau has decided to go to see for himself. Netanyahu’s foreign minister Yisrael Katz called the report “hostile, mendacious and biased”. But as usual, Trudeau is standing tall, proving once again – ‘Canada is back’. more…