Month: April 2015

For 67 years, Israel has been destroying Palestinian homes and villages – a video seminar

westbank home destruction

Desperate and frightened Palestinian residents watch a home being destroyed in the West Bank as Israeli military stand guard. The total number of Palestinian homes destroyed in the 67 years since the creation of Israel almost certainly exceeds 100,000. Why does Israeli do that?  To find out watch my video seminar organized by the National Council on Canada Arab Relations (NCCAR)


Does Harper want to criminalize criticism of Israel? Canadian civil society issues a warning

steven blaney at un

Canada’s Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney recently told a United Nations Assembly that Canada would show “zero tolerance’ towards the movement to boycott Israel. What does that mean? Mr. Blaney and Mr. Harper seem to think that criticizing Israel should be made illegal in Canada. Not everyone agrees. See more. (more…)

Palestine joins the ICC – what does it mean? An interview with fmr Ambassador Peggy Mason


Palestine has now joined the International Criminal Court. What does it mean? Will Netanyahu be dragged into court in the Hague?  Or is it purely a propaganda move by the Palestinian Authority? We asked Peggy Mason, President of the Rideau Institute, and former Canadian Ambassador for disarmament. She was helped by legal research assistant Leigh McCarroll. Read more