Month: July 2021

“In Trudeau’s Canada, Jew hatred is becoming normalised” claims Senator Linda Frum. Really?

Senator Linda Frum launched a vicious attack on Hassan Yussuff, a retired Canadian labour leader, only a day or two after he was named to the Canadian Senate by Justin Trudeau, claiming that he hates Jews. “This is Trudeau’s Canada: a place where Jew-hatred is becoming normalized and loathing of a democratic ally, Israel, is becoming mainstreamed,” claimed Frum for whom criticism of Israel appears to be proof of anti-Semitism. Read more…


“To its non-Jewish citizens, Israel appears a lot more Jewish than democratic”: Jonathan Cook tells OFIP webinar

After living in Nazareth, Israel for more than a dozen years, British journalist Jonathan Cook decided to apply for Israeli citizenship. Because he is not Jewish, it took several years and several letters from his lawyers, but he finally suceeded. In this illuminating OFIP webinar, Cook explained how despite its claims to be “Jewish and democratic”, in practice Israel discriminates against its non Jewish citizens (most of whom are Palestinians) in a myriad of practical, frustrating and sometimes hidden, ways. Watch the webinar….


“Israel uses its “war measures act” against its own Palestinian citizens”: Mossawa

Israel’s Emergency Defense Law, (like Canada’s War Measures Act) gives police extraordinary powers to ignore the normal procedures of a democratic society. It has been rarely invoked against Jewish Israelis but is frequently used during demonstrations by its own Palestinian citizens. After the truce with Hamas in mid May, Israel used the law to launch “Operation Law and Order’. Thousands of Palestinian citizens of Israel were arrested. We spoke to one of them, Jarar Farah, Director General of Mossawa. Read more and watch…