Canadian human rights activist challenges NDP support for Zionist lobby groups

laverdiere aipac

NDP Foreign Affairs critic Hélène Laverdière accepted an expenses-paid invitation to speak last year at a Washington conference organized by AIPAC, the largest US pro-Israel (and anti Palestinian) lobby group. Canadian human rights activist Yves Engler asks why she would do this. He also asks NDP members hoping to take on the party leadership to dissociate themselves from this action. Read more…


Canadian Zionists join world wide campaign to mark centenary of Balfour Declaration


Almost every city and town in today’s Israel has a “Balfour Street”, named after Britain’s foreign secretary Lord Arthur Balfour who promised a “national home” for Jews in Palestine. Canadian Zionists, like their counterparts in many countries around the world, are organizing activities to commemorate the Centenary of the “Balfour Declaration’ and promote Israel in Canada. Read more…. (more…)

CBC story about Canadian sheep sent to Israel raises ethical, factual issues


A recent CBC story reported that these sheep have just come from Canada to Israel where they now live on a farm on land confiscated from Palestinian peasants in 1948. CBC’s Derek Stoffel seems to think this is a good news story. But his article has some major issues. Read more… (more…)

The “Gaza Doctor” launches petition asking Trudeau to support his legal case seeking Israeli apology


Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish, otherwise known as the “Gaza Doctor” (l.), shown here with Prime Minister Trudeau and Health Minister Jane Philpott at a reception in Toronto in 2014. Dr. Abuelaish has prepared a petition asking Trudeau and the Canadian government to support his demand for an acknowledgement and apology from the Israeli government for the loss of his daughters in a bombing attack on their home in Gaza in 2008. Learn More. (more…)