Month: March 2016

Dion crumbles before CIJA attack on UN nominee as Palestinian human rights “rapporteur”


UWO law professor Michael Lynk was named by the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) as a “Special Rapporteur on Palestine”. Within 24 hours, the Israel lobby was in full attack mode, claiming Lynk had a long record of hostility toward Israel and demanding the Government of Canada oppose the nomination. Shortly thereafter, Global Affairs Minister Stephane Dion tweeted that he would ask the UN to review his appointment. But has Dion really checked out Lynk’s background? Read more


Finkelstein in Ottawa: Powerful, principled… and very provocative


finkelstein gaza

US scholar and human rights activist Norman Finkelstein was in Ottawa this week as part of a 3 city speaking tour organized by Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East (CJPME). His powerful presentation was thought-provoking. He had strong words for human rights activists who have unrealistic objectives, and strong criticisms of the Palestinian Authority and the BDS movement itself. Read more (more…)

Over 2000 Canadians ask to be condemned for boycotting Israel

trudeau dion

The Trudeau/Dion Liberals voted with the Conservatives to “condemn” those who support a boycott of Israel known as BDS. What next? Over 2000 people have already signed an on-line petition indicating they support BDS and asking to be “condemned”. A growing embarrassment for the Liberals. Read more


Should Palestinian refugees have the right to return? A Palestinian Canadian responds to Shimon Fogel

simon fogel on Tv

A few days after the Parliamentary motion to condemn BDS, CIJA President Shimon Fogel wrote a very strongly worded piece in Huffington Post (Truth vs. Myth in the BDS Movement) explaining why Palestinians have no legal right to return to their homeland. I asked a Palestinian Canadian, born of a refugee family in Lebanon, to explain why he thinks this is unfair and unacceptable. Read more. (more…)

“Why did Canada help hide the destruction of my village?” asks Palestinian Heidar Abu Ghosh

abughosh at canada parkHeidar Abu Ghosh (r) was only 14 in 1967 when Israeli soldiers forced him and his Palestinian family to leave his village in the middle of the night. Then they destroyed it. Then JNF Canada collected (tax free) donations to hide that destruction by turning the area into a park for Israelis. Here he is in front of a sign that says the City of Ottawa made a donation. He will be coming to Ottawa to ask why. Learn more.