Is a “two state solution” still possible? Liberal Zionists struggle to keep the dream of a jewish state alive against increasing odds

Liberal Jews in Canada are increasingly concerned that a two state solution, which would allow Israel to keep 3/4 of historic Palestine as a Jewish State, may no longer be possible. Some openly worry about the “slippery slope to a dangerous one state reality” in which Palestinians would be a majority. Watch this recording of a webinar organized by one of Canada’s leading liberal Zionist organizations.


“Stuck under the Nakba tree”: barred from Palestine but unable to find comfort in Canada

Dr. Mowafa Said Househ was born in Edmonton to a family of Palestinian refugees. In an intimate and sometimes painful autobiography, Househ paints a portrait of an unhappy Muslim family finding it difficult to fit into a sometimes indifferent, sometimes racist Canadian society. Today, he has a Ph.D. and a part-time position at the University of Victoria. But despite what most people would call “success”, he has returned to live in the gulf region. Why can’t he find happiness in Canada? Read his book and find out…


Is it fair to call Israel an “apartheid” state?

On February 2nd, Amnesty International released a report alleging that Israel operates an “apartheid regime” against Palestinians – not just in the West Bank, but inside Israel itself. Is this charge justified? OFIP asked British Israeli journalist Jonathan Cook to discuss the situation of Palestinians living inside the state of Israel. Watch the webinar….

Compared to the Palestinians living under Israeli military occupation in the West Bank or Gaza, the Palestinian citizens of Israel undoubtedly are better off economically, and have more rights.

IJV Canada has launched a “Together against apartheid” campaign which includes a “pledge” to not shy away from using the word “apartheid” when appropriate.

It is frequently asserted that while those other Palestinians may suffer from Israeli oppression, at least in Israel, Palestinian citizens enjoy equal rights.

Israel does have many of the institutions which are characteristic of “liberal democratic” countries. All citizens of Israel, including its Palestinian citizens, benefit from universal suffrage, free education, free healthcare and the right to travel anywhere they want inside Israel and even to travel outside of the country among other things.

On the other hand, even Israel’s admirers recognize that there are many examples of how the Palestinian citizens of Israel face economic and social discrimination. But does this really amount to “apartheid”? Or is Israel just “liberal democratic” state with some failings, like….. well like Canada, which also has its own failings?

Watch our interview with Jonathan Cook here:

Cook’s description of Israel will challenge those who believe Israel is a “liberal democracy” like Canada and that ending the occupation of ’67 would resolve the main issues between Israel and the Palestinians.

For this reason, I am especially interested in receving comments from those who feel that the portrayal of Israel in the webinar is unfair or untrue. This blog exists to promote an honest and open discussion about Israel/Palestine. I am happy to receive serious objections and counter arguments and encourage respectful debate and disagreements in the “comments” section. NOTE: Ad hominem attacks are not tolerated and will not be published.

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Meet Bob Rae, Canada’s new UN Ambassador

Bob Rae, Canada’s newly appointed Ambassador to the United Nations, is generally regarded as “progressive” on many issues. However there is one big exception – human rights for Palestinians. He is an active supporter of Israel and involved in many Zionist organizations in Canada and in Israel. Read more…


“It’s not enough to say the 2 state solution is dead – you need to propose an alternative”, argue co-chairs of the One Democratic State Campaign

Jeff Halper (l.) and Awad Abdulfatteh (r) made a presentation and took questions from a large Canadian audience at a webinar organized by OFIP on May 9th on the “One Democratic State Campaign” of which they are the co-chairs. Halper is a Jewish Israeli and the founder of the Israeli Committee against House Demolitions. Abdulfattah is a Palestinian citizen of Israel and the former General Secretary of the National Democratic Assembly (NDA), one of four parties in the Israeli Knesset. CTIP has preserved a video recording. See more: (more…)