Month: December 2015

I was shot!! Interview with Canadian photographer Rehab Nazzal

sniper circle

Even peaceful demonstrators are at risk in the West Bank. A Canadian photographer thinks the Israeli sniper in this photo is the one who shot her on December 11th. She was in the West Bank legally, documenting the actions of the Israeli military in the Palestinian city of Bethlehem – territory that the Canadian government agrees Israel occupies ‘illegally’. But so far the Government of Canada has not said a word about the incident. See my video interview. (more…)

Interview: Tyler Levitan on the reaction to Trump’s racist proposal

donald trumpUS Presidential hopeful Donald Trump’s shocking declaration that Muslims should be banned from entering the USA has been widely denounced. Good. But some have pointed out that what Trump is proposing for America is already official policy in Israel. Read more.


Is Gaza finished?: Personal impressions from a short visit


The three punishing Israeli attacks on Gaza (2009, 2011, 2014) have had a serious impact on Gaza and its children. Hundreds killed, thousands more injured, whole neighbourhoods demolished, and tens of thousands suffering from the post-traumatic stress of seeing death and destruction around them.

But is Gaza finished? Are Gaza’s children ready to give up? Not from what I could see during a four day visit last month. See my report. (more…)