The “Gaza Doctor” launches petition asking Trudeau to support his legal case seeking Israeli apology


Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish, otherwise known as the “Gaza Doctor” (l.), shown here with Prime Minister Trudeau and Health Minister Jane Philpott at a reception in Toronto in 2014. Dr. Abuelaish has prepared a petition asking Trudeau and the Canadian government to support his demand for an acknowledgement and apology from the Israeli government for the loss of his daughters in a bombing attack on their home in Gaza in 2008. Learn More. (more…)

UN security council resolution on Israel causes major headaches for Trudeau


The recent UN security council resolution condemning the illegal Israel settlements in occupied Palestinian territory continues to have echoes around the world. It has clearly shaken Mr. Netanyahu, who has launched a frenzied counterattack. But it could also cause two big problems for Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Read why... (more…)

UN resolution on Israeli settlements reflects “what the world thinks” says former Canadian Amb to UN


Paul Heinbecker, a former Canadian ambassador to the UN, says the recent UN resolution condemning Israeli settlements is not just a personal fight between Obama, Netanyahu and Trump.  It “reflects what the world thinks”, he says. Read more (more…)