Palestinian Community in Halifax scores victory over anti-Palestinian ignorance and prejudice

Inside the origins and evolution of traditional Palestinian costume

The black and white scarf known as the keffieh is a traditional piece of Palestinian clothing. But when students wore kuffiehs to a Halifax school on “culture day”, they were told to remove it. Mobilisation by the Palestinian community in Halifax, with support from allies including local members of Independent Jewish Voices Canada, obliged the principal to reverse the decision. (Photo credit: CJPME) Read more…


Europeans meet Palestinian victims in Huwara and condemn illegal settlements as the source of the violence in West Bank. Canada attends, but avoids signing joint press release

NOTE: David da Silva, Canada’s representative to the Palestinian Authority joined the meeting in Huwara along with other diplomats. Good.

But it appears his bosses in Ottawa wouldn’t allow him to sign the joint declaration which clearly said “settler violence is a result of Israels continued settlement activity.” da Silva’s tweet was good, but less clear about who was responsible.

What remains unclear is whether Canada or ANY of those signing the joint press release will take any action against Israel or whether the condemnations will remain devoid of consequence.

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Astonishing Israeli Settler violence against Palestinian civilians. The Israeli press calls it a “pogrom”. But Canada dithers. Why?

On Sunday February 26, hundreds of Jewish settlers descended on Huwara, a tiny Palestinian town of less than 7,000 people bringing guns, molotov cocktails and batons. They burned cars, trashed houses, attacked civilians. One Palestinian was killed. Dozens injured. The population lives in fear. The Israeli press, and and even some Canadian liberal zionist groups, have described it as a “pogrom”. But the Canadian government refuses to call a “spade a spade”. Why not?


Open letter to Canada’s representative in Ramallah about today’s deadly Israeli military raid on Nablus

Nablus, February 22, 2023. 10:00 a.m. Shops full. Kids in school. Armoured Israeli jeeps and other vehicles attempt to penetrate the city. Palestinian youth attempt to stop them. Throwing stones at vehicles, and blocking roads. (Photo credit: CNN) Israelis continue to penetrate. Final result? 10 Palestinians dead, over 100 injured, several seriously. We write to Canadian representative in OPT to ask for more information. Read more.


Canadian justices jump to defend Israel’s “independent judiciary” – but ignore the role of the Israeli Supreme Court in allowing abuses of human rights of Palestinians

Former Chief Justice Beverly McLachlin (l) and former Justice Rosalie Abella (r) are among the over 70 Canadian jurists who have signed a letter warning about the proposed changes limiting the independence of the Israeli judiciary. It is well intentioned, but it misses the mark. It ignores the fact that while the Israeli Supreme Court is vigilant about protecting human rights for Jews, it has been giving cover to more serious ongoing abuses of Palestinian rights. Read more...