Month: June 2022

Meet the Italian lawyer who has replaced Professor Michael Lynk as UN special rapporteur for Palestine

On May 1st, Italian lawyer Francesca Albanese assumed the role of UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, replacing Canadian law professor Michael Lynk. OFIP spoke to doctor Albanese about why she took the job and what she plans to do with it over the six years of her term. Watch the video and read more…


Tuesday, June 21st is National Indigenous Peoples’ day

A special CTIP editorial

This blog – Canada Talks Israel/Palestine sticks pretty well to the issue of human rights for Palestinians and Canada’s poor track record of supporting them. We rarely stray off this issue.

However, the similarities between our history of colonisation of Canada’s indigenous peoples and their lands, and that of Israel’s toward the Palestinians is remarkable.

June 21 is National Indigenous Peoples Day. This is a day for all Canadians to recognize and celebrate the unique heritage, languages, diverse cultures and outstanding contributions of First NationsInuit and Métis peoples. The Canadian Constitution recognizes these three groups as Aboriginal peoples, also known as Indigenous peoples. Although these groups share many similarities, they each have their own distinct heritage, language, cultural practices and spiritual beliefs. These have been ignored or suppressed, a practice which a former Chief Justice called “cultural genocide.”

Our understanding of Canada’s history with respect to indigenous peoples is increasingly seen in the framework of “settler colonialism” described by Wikipedia as “a structure that perpetuates the elimination of indigenous people and cultures to replace them with a settler society

This is also the frame that is being used to understand the relation between the Palestinians, indigenous to that area, and the State of Israel.

There are not only similarities, but according to Azeeka Kanji of the Yellowhead Institute, an indigenous think tank, Canada and Israel are “Partners in the settler colonial contract”.

June 21, National Indigenous Peoples’ Day, is a good time to reflect on Canada’s history and current policies at home and abroad.

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Pressure mounts for Canada to endorse International Criminal Court investigation of murder of Palestinian journalist

Alberta's only non-Conservative MP in a 'difficult place' balancing  provincial and federal interests | The Star

Minister, I ask your government to support the request to refer this case to the ICC,” wrote NDP foreign affairs critic Heather Macpherson in a letter to Global Affairs minister Melanie Joly. “We can not and should not rely on the Israeli military to investigate itself.” Read more….


Is it time to blow the whistle on the Israel lobby’s scare-mongering about anti-semitism in Canada?

A pamphlet (excerpted above) was used to warn Ontario voters about the rising danger of anti-Semitism in Ontario. Along with the text there is a photo showing angry demonstrators holding a sign saying “Holocaust = Great lie”. But the photo is of a demonstration that took place in Iran… 16 years ago. The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA) is using the scare of a rebirth of anti-Semitism in Canada for another reason, to dampen the rising criticism of Israel. Read more…


What’s behind the Trudeau government proposal to criminalize “Holocaust denial”?

Prime Minister Trudeau at the opening of the National Holocaust Monument in Ottawa 2015.

The Trudeau government slipped a little-noticed line item into the budget which, if passed this month, will have the effect of criminalizing the act of “denying, or diminishing the impact of the Holocaust”. What is behind the idea? Is there a upsurge in Holocaust denial recently, or is there another reason? Read more….