Minister Joly is concerned over threats to the “rule of law” in Israel: but she should take a closer look at its existing practices

Last March, Canada’s foreign affairs minister Mme Melanie Joly assured Canadians she had pushed Israel to drop its planned reform of the judiciary, underscoring Canada’s support for the “rule of law”. But the case of Shadi Khouri, a 16 year old Palestinian in Jerusalem should raise questions about the ‘rule of lawin Israel even before the proposed reforms. Read more…


Palestinian Community in Halifax scores victory over anti-Palestinian ignorance and prejudice

Inside the origins and evolution of traditional Palestinian costume

The black and white scarf known as the keffieh is a traditional piece of Palestinian clothing. But when students wore kuffiehs to a Halifax school on “culture day”, they were told to remove it. Mobilisation by the Palestinian community in Halifax, with support from allies including local members of Independent Jewish Voices Canada, obliged the principal to reverse the decision. (Photo credit: CJPME) Read more…


Several Canadian pro-Israel groups express alarm over right wing Israeli extremism

The return of Benjamin Netanyahu and the election of overt racists and homophobes like Ben Gvir (l) and Bezalel Smotrich (r) in Israel has caused concerns among Canada’s traditionally liberal Jewish community. They fear that it represents a real threat to the rights of women, LGBT, and other minorities. But others, including some Jews, point out that for Palestinians, this is just one more step along a road that started in 1948. Read more…


Israel lobby warning to Canadian politicians – “If you criticize Israel, we will call you antisemitic”

Ontario MPP Joel Harden came under intense criticism for an interview he did last year with OFIP chair, Peter Larson on National Truth and Reconciliation Day. He compared colonialism in Canada to that of Israel. Now, a year later the Israel lobby is “shocked, shocked” to discover the interview and has accused him of “antisemitism”. It put enough pressure on the Ontario NDP that Harden chose to apologise for some of his remarks. It’s a stark warning to other politicians. Read more…


New report details concerted efforts to suppress rising pro-Palestinian voices on Canadian campuses

Detailed research by two investigators from Independent Jewish Voices Canada has documented repeated attempts to shut down voices supportive of human rights for Palestinians on Canadian campuses. It reveals widespread efforts by a variety of Israel advocacy organizations in Canada to use the spectre of anti-Semitism to vilify voices critical of Israel. We speak to one of the authors. Read more.