Month: December 2013

Should Canadians support a “Two State Solution”?

Mr. Harper and his government have repeatedly asserted that they are fast friends of Israel, and have little time for or interest in the issue of human rights for the Palestinians.

However, official Canadian policy claims to support human rights for Palestinians and proposes a “2 state” solution, with safe and secure borders for Israel and “self determination for the Palestinians”.(

How to break the Canadian Jewish logjam with respect to Israel?

Canadian Jews are well known to be ‘liberal” in their political attitudes – except where Israel is concerned. There, they circle the wagons. However they might have criticisms of the current Israeli government, they will defend Israel resolutely when anyone outside criticizes it.

But as I see it, there is very little chance that we can effect any significant “rebalancing” of Canadian policy towards the Israel/Palestine issue until a significant number of Jews are willing to dissociate themselves from Israel or criticize it publicly.