Month: August 2015

“Unprecedented crisis for Palestinian refugee agency”: video interview with Chris Gunness of UNRWA

unrwa school

The UN agency responsible for the Palestinian refugees is facing a dramatic financial shortfall. Part of the shortfall is due to the fact that Canada eliminated its contributions in 2009. Without new funding, schools like this one, may not open in September. See my video interview with Chris Gunness, Director of Advocacy and strategic Communications


United Church stands fast on support for Palestinian human rights

ucc gc42unsettling goods

Several hundred delegates of the United Church of Canada, representing congregations from Newfoundland to British Columbia, gathered in Corner Brook, Newfoundland last week at the church’s 42nd General Council, have voted to take steps to strengthen the Church’s support for Palestinian human rights. see more (more…)

Video interview with David Parnas: Is there any significant difference between Harper and Mulcair on the issue of Israel/Palestine?

In the first leaders debate, carried out last week, some small differences emerged between Mr. Harper and Mr. Mulcair on the Israel/Palestine issue. In this video interview, David Lorge Parnas explains why he thinks the differences are smaller than they might appear. (more…)