News Sources


Ha’aretz is one of Israel’s main daily papers. Israelis and Jews are rightfully proud of the fact that Israel’s free press can reflect the intense debate going amongst Israelis on the way forward. A quick look at Ha’aretz will show that that there is a much richer debate there than we “allow” here in Canada. Ha’aretz has some impressive columnists. The one I admire most is a man named Gideon Levy.

The Real News Network (TRNN)

The Real News Network is a small independent TV network which operates on a shoestring budget and is anchored in Washington by former CBC journalist Paul Jay. TRNN has an excellent correspondent in Israel named Lia Tarachansky. Lia is Jewish and was born in the former USSR. She moved to Israel with her parents in 1990 and then later moved to Canada, where she learned about human rights and human dignity. She has now returned to Israel where she regularly reports on the Israel/Palestine issue. I went with her to visit the Negev in 2011.

Al Jazeera English

Al Jazeera English established itself as a credible source of information during the recent Egyptian revolt. Its internet site is full of interesting information. If you want a ‘radical’ or “revolutionary” news site, you will be disappointed. But if you want solid professional and well-informed reporting on the Middle East, you will be impressed.