Month: December 2019

A Palestinian/Canadian refugee maps his lifelong struggle to return to Palestine


Salman Abu Sitta was ten years old when his Palestinian village was overrun by Zionist forces and his family forced to take refuge in Gaza. His life in exile took him to many countries, including Canada where he became a citizen, taught at UWO and even helped found the Canadian Arab Federation. But he never gave up thinking about and planning for the day when he and his family would return to the land from which he was expelled. A new memoir sheds light on the drama of his expulsion, and the struggle to regain justice for Palestinian refugees. Read more. (more…)

Israel lobby launches fierce attack on CBC’s Michael Enright over Erakat interview

CBC journalist Michael Enright’s 30 minute interview on November 10th with Palestinian/American lawyer, author and human rights activist Noura Erakat has incensed the pro-Israel lobby group “Honest Reporting Canada”. They have complained to the CBC and to its ombudsman that the segment was “biased” and full of “anti-Israel and anti-Zionist” invective. Why are they attacking Enright, who defends the idea of a “Jewish State”? What is it that has so upset them? Read more.