Month: December 2016

Ho, Ho, Ho? Nope! Israeli Rabbis issue “edicts” against Christmas trees


At Technion University in Israel, the university’s rabbi has forbidden students to enter the student union building due to the presence of the Christmas tree. Dr. Yousef Jabareen, M.K, a Palestinian citizen of Israel who was in Canada last October says this is one example of Israel’s religious intolerance. Read more… (more…)

“Trudeau continues Harper’s policies on Israel” – Gerald Caplan


Governor General David Johnston met with Israeli President Reuven Rivlin during his recent trip to the Middle East. Canada’s policies toward Israel have not changed since the election which brought the Trudeau liberals to power, according to Globe and Mail columnist Gerald Caplan. Read more. (more…)

Why one Jew understands the movement to boycott Israel known as BDS


Dr. David Lorge Parnas has an international reputation in software engineering. He has lectured in Israel and served as the chair of an expert committee to evaluate Israel’s Software Engineering programmes.  He has also visited Palestinian Universities and taught a short course to get to know the students and faculty. After his letters about Palestine appeared in Canadian newspapers, he has not been invited back to Israel. In this essay he explains why he does not consider the movement to boycott Israel to be antisemitic. Read more. (more…)