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After the Israeli election, HonestReporting Canada in full damage control: “Israel is imperfect, like Canada”, it pleads

Mike Fegelman, Executive director HonestReporting Canada, an Israel advocacy organization, is in full damage control. After three successive reports by authoritative organizations alleging that Israel practices apartheid, and the election of the most far right Israeli government in recent history, Israel’s reputation is taking a hit in Canada. “Israel, like Canada, is an imperfect country”, Fegelman pleads in a recent op ed in the Hill Times. Of course, Canada IS imperfect, but it does not have overt racists in its government and has not been accused of apartheid by reputable organizations. Read more…


Is a “two state solution” still possible? Liberal Zionists struggle to keep the dream of a jewish state alive against increasing odds

Liberal Jews in Canada are increasingly concerned that a two state solution, which would allow Israel to keep 3/4 of historic Palestine as a Jewish State, may no longer be possible. Some openly worry about the “slippery slope to a dangerous one state reality” in which Palestinians would be a majority. Watch this recording of a webinar organized by one of Canada’s leading liberal Zionist organizations.


President Biden’s visit to Israel and Saudi Arabia is not about promoting human rights and democracy, claims columnist Peter Beinart

President Joe Biden will travel to Israel and Saudi Arabia this week, two states not known for their respect for human rights. Author Peter Beinart argues in a recent article that instead of his claim to want to oppose authoritarianism around the world, Biden is actually doing the opposite. Read more.


Trump knew his “Deal of the Century” had to be rejected by Palestinians. So what was he thinking?

abbas and map

“A thousand times NO!!”, Mahmoud Abbas is reported to have said in response to¬† Trump’s “Deal of the Century”. Trump and Kushner knew of course, that no Palestinian could accept the “deal” as being fair or honest. But Trump is not stupid. So what was his real objective? Read more… (more…)

So – how did Canada vote at the UN in 2019 on Israel/Palestine? See for yourself

Canada-Ratifies-UN-Vote (002)

In a break from precedent, Canada voted in favour of a motion supporting self-determination for the Palestinians at the United Nations General Assembly last December – despite the objections of Israel, the USA and the Israel lobby in Canada. Most people were surprised, because for the last decade Canada has always voted faithfully with Israel. Does this augur a significant policy change? How did we vote on 12 other important resolutions? Here is the record. You be the judge…..