Minister Joly is concerned over threats to the “rule of law” in Israel: but she should take a closer look at its existing practices

Last March, Canada’s foreign affairs minister Mme Melanie Joly assured Canadians she had pushed Israel to drop its planned reform of the judiciary, underscoring Canada’s support for the “rule of law”. But the case of Shadi Khouri, a 16 year old Palestinian in Jerusalem should raise questions about the ‘rule of lawin Israel even before the proposed reforms. Read more…


Canadian Jews debate democracy and the future of Israel

An unprecedented public debate has broken out among Canadian Jews about the ongoing protests in Israel and the role of various Jewish organizations in Canada. A lot of the fire has been aimed at the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs for attempting to stifle criticism of the right wing and anti-democratic agenda of the current Israeli government. A few of the critics have even raised the issue of equal rights for Palestinians. Read more.


Europeans meet Palestinian victims in Huwara and condemn illegal settlements as the source of the violence in West Bank. Canada attends, but avoids signing joint press release

NOTE: David da Silva, Canada’s representative to the Palestinian Authority joined the meeting in Huwara along with other diplomats. Good.

But it appears his bosses in Ottawa wouldn’t allow him to sign the joint declaration which clearly said “settler violence is a result of Israels continued settlement activity.” da Silva’s tweet was good, but less clear about who was responsible.

What remains unclear is whether Canada or ANY of those signing the joint press release will take any action against Israel or whether the condemnations will remain devoid of consequence.

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Open letter to Canada’s representative in Ramallah about today’s deadly Israeli military raid on Nablus

Nablus, February 22, 2023. 10:00 a.m. Shops full. Kids in school. Armoured Israeli jeeps and other vehicles attempt to penetrate the city. Palestinian youth attempt to stop them. Throwing stones at vehicles, and blocking roads. (Photo credit: CNN) Israelis continue to penetrate. Final result? 10 Palestinians dead, over 100 injured, several seriously. We write to Canadian representative in OPT to ask for more information. Read more.


For 50 years, the US superpower has backed Israel against the Palestinians. Now another global power – China – is cautiously getting involved. What will that mean?

China’s President Xi Jin Ping met with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas when they were both in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in early December for a China-Arab summit. China has diplomatic relations with both Israel and Palestine and it backs a 2 state solution. But it has recently become more openly supportive of the national aspirations of the Palestinian people and critical of some of Israel’s actions. This must be unsettling for Israel’s American patron. Read more.