Month: July 2020

Why was Honest Reporting Canada’s webinar on Canada-Israel relations such a disappointment?

A free webinar organized by Honest Reporting Canada (HRC) promised to feature influential operators from the Liberal, Tory and NDP parties and give “an insiders perspective on Canada-Israel relations”. While HRC is stridently pro-Israel, the webinar looked like it could be informative and interesting, even to those who don’t share HRC’s perspective. Unfortunately, it was neither informative nor interesting. Read more…


Meet Bob Rae, Canada’s new UN Ambassador

Bob Rae, Canada’s newly appointed Ambassador to the United Nations, is generally regarded as “progressive” on many issues. However there is one big exception – human rights for Palestinians. He is an active supporter of Israel and involved in many Zionist organizations in Canada and in Israel. Read more…


Many factors in Canada’s loss at UN Security Council: expert panel says

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s campaign to get Canada elected to the prestigious UN Security Council crashed and burned on June 10th, as we lost out to Norway and Ireland. Because it was a secret ballot, there is no way to tell who supported us, who voted against us or why. An OFIP expert panel examined many reasons why other countries might not have found Canada to be the best candidate. Read more or watch the 90 minute video of the event….

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Is it possible to criticize “Zionism” without being accused of anti-Semitism?

Respected human rights lawyer and professor of Law at Osgoode Hall in Toronto Faisal Bhabha (top left) has come under attack by B’nai Brith Canada for alleged “anti-Semitic” statements made in a recent debate on how to fight anti-Semitism. The reason? He openly challenged “Zionism”. Read more…