Month: February 2016

Stephen Harper – almost forgotten in Canada… but not in Israel

netanyahu and harper

It hardly seems possible that only 100 days ago, Stephen Harper was still the Prime Minister of Canada. Today, his name is rarely mentioned and he appears to be all but forgotten. But thanks to JNF Canada (and its tax free status), Mr. Harper’s legacy  lives on in Israel. Read how (more…)

An unusual act for a democracy – Israeli Knesset suspends 3 Arab members. I ask Minister Dion to investigate


arab trio

The Ethics Committee of the Israeli Knesset has suspended 3 Arab Members of Knesset (MK). That is very unusual in a democracy. Two of them have visited Canada in the last several years. Why were they suspended?  What does it say about Israeli democracy? I ask Hon. Stéphane Dion to investigate. Read my letter.  (more…)

Is Israel starting to lose the battle for “hearts and minds” on Canadian campuses?

clash at york u

Vietnam. Civil Rights. Women’s rights. Universities have always been a fertile ground for debate over issues of justice and equality. Today there is increasing discussion over Israel/Palestine. Who’s winning? Who’s losing? See more


“Canada, please don’t forget Palestinian refugees trapped in Syria” – UN exec


On the eve of a “donors conference” in London to address the desperate situation of the Syrian refugees, a UN agency has made a desperate appeal to Canada and other countries not to overlook the over 500,000 Palestinians trapped in Syria. First expelled from Israel in 1948, they are being made refugees again.  Read more


1800 University of Waterloo students call to sever ties with Israeli universities

sever ties debate

Thousands of University of Waterloo students participated last week in the first-ever referendum on UW’s links to Israeli universities. The “sever ties” referendum campaign failed to gain a majority, but it provoked a lot of discussion including among students who had never heard about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. Learn more…