Month: October 2016

The Kufr Qasm massacre after 60 years: Israel forgets, but Palestinians remember


A memorial to the 49 unarmed Palestinian men, women and children killed by Israeli forces on October 29, 1956 stands in the centre of the Israeli town of Kufr Qasm. Not in the West Bank. In Israel. Every Palestinian citizen living inside Israel remembers. Few Jewish Israelis have ever heard of it. Every year there is a memorial march. This year, the 60th anniversary, is special. The residents are proposing to do more than just “remember”. Learn more


Dr. Yousef Jabareen focuses on the Palestinian struggle for human rights inside Israel


“Israel is infringing the human rights of over 11 million Palestinians”, Dr. Yousef Jabareen told nearly 200 people who came to hear him in Ottawa on October 18th. These include about 1.5 million Palestinians who live inside today’s Israel. Jabareen, who was elected to the Israeli Knesset in 2015, is one of them. He has a Ph.D. in law. He feels a “rights based” approach can give hope to the region. Watch the video. (more…)

Reminder: Don’t miss Dr.Yousef Jabareen’s only public appearance in Ottawa – Tuesday, October 18th

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Dr. Yousef Jabareen MK, member of the Israeli Knesset, is one of the new generation of Palestinian leaders.  A Palestinian citizen of Israel, 44 year old Jabareen will be in Ottawa for a week of meetings with Canadian officials, NGOs and other civil society organizations. At his only public event, on Tuesday, October 18th, he will present his “Vision for hope” in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. Learn more… (more…)