OFIP open letter to hon. Jim Carr: “How does criticism of Israel pose a threat to public safety and national security in Canada? See his answer.

On June 8th, the Federal Government Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security issued a report on violent extremism in Canada. One of its 30 recommendations called for the government to “condemn” strong criticism of Israel on Canadian campuses. How criticism of Israel might be related to violent extremism was not clear. OFIP wrote an open letter to Mr. Carr asking for an explanation. His answer was less than satisfactory. Read more…


Let’s regain a reputation for fairness with respect to Israel/Palestine – some suggestions for Prime Minister-elect Trudeau

trudeau elect

As Prime Minister-elect Trudeau is at work deciding who will be in his cabinet, his key staff will also be drafting “mandate letters’ which give new ministers instructions on what the PM expects them to do in their portfolios. In an open letter, I make a number of suggestions with respect to the Israel/Palestine issue.  See my letter.


Israel Lobby demonstrates its clout on Parliament Hill


The Canadian Parliament has 308 members. About 40 participated in a special “take note” debate on the “world wide rise in antisemitism” on February 24th orchestrated by MP’s Irwin Cotler and Jason Kenney.

The Canadian House of Commons held a special 3 ½ hour late night debate on Tuesday, February 24th  focusing on “the troubling rise in antisemitism around the world”, winding up with a unanimous resolution of condemnation. The debate was proposed by Liberal MP Irwin Cotler and Conservative Minister Jason Kenney, supported by the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA), the main Israel lobby group. What was the real objective of the debate and how important was it? (more…)

Will Baird’s resignation make a difference in Canada’s policy toward Israel/Palestine?

baird and lieberman

One of John Baird’s last acts as foreign minister was to sign a MOU with Avigdor Lieberman, committing both countries to fight the BDS movement. Will Baird’s resignation significantly change Canada’s foreign policy toward the Middle East? Perhaps, but I don’t think so. Read why.


Who is Jeff Halper? And why is he visiting 12 Canadian cities in the dead of winter?

jeff halper carted away   jeff halper professor

LEFT: HALPER being arrested as he resists the demolition of a Palestinian family’s house. RIGHT: Dr. Halper is the founder and co-director of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions. He is on a cross Canada tour talking about his work and about the prospects for a just solution to the Israel/Palestine issue. He will be visiting 12 cities. On the eve of his departure for Canada, I asked him a few personal questions. Photos: ICAHD – UK