John Baird

Will Baird’s resignation make a difference in Canada’s policy toward Israel/Palestine?

baird and lieberman

One of John Baird’s last acts as foreign minister was to sign a MOU with Avigdor Lieberman, committing both countries to fight the BDS movement. Will Baird’s resignation significantly change Canada’s foreign policy toward the Middle East? Perhaps, but I don’t think so. Read why.


Mr. Baird, if you believe in the Canadian value of “fairness” why don’t you lead an all-party factfinding trip to Gaza?

baird in jerusalem

One hundred and sixteen Canadian parliamentarians, including John Baird and Stephen Harper have been to Israel since it began the blockade of Gaza. Many on trips paid for by the Israel lobby. No Canadian parliamentarian has been to Gaza in the last 3 years. I suggest Mr. Baird take some colleagues to take a look.

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