New research reveals Canadian UN diplomats uncomfortable with our consistent anti-Palestinian voting record

For the last two decades, Canada, along with the US and a handful of other nations, has consistently voted to shield Israel from criticism at the United Nations. Internal Global Affairs documents reveal that our own diplomats at the UN were concerned that our pro-Israel votes were hurting our international reputation. But they were consistently over-ruled by higher ups in Global Affairs and the Prime Minister’s office. Why? See our interview with lead author Michael Bueckert. …

Canada’s career foreign affairs officials at the UN recognize that Canada’s staunchly pro-Israel voting record contradicts its own official policy and harms its international reputation, according to internal documents obtained by Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East (CJPME).

CJPME lead author Michael Bueckert used Access to Information legislation to obtain internal Global Affairs Canada documents for the period leading up to Canada’s voting at the UN General Assembly in 2019.

The emails and the full CJPME report show that Canada’s representatives to the UN in New York, argued in favour of Canada taking an entirely “merit-based” approach to each resolution on Palestine and Israel. They pointed out that defending Israel consistently was in contradiction to Canada’s officially “balanced” policy.

We’ve been arguing for years that Canada’s votes against Palestinian rights are inconsistent with Canada’s own official policies”, said Tom Woodley, President of CJPME. “The released documents show that Canadian officials actually agree with this analysis.

In fact, as CJPME and others have noted, Canada actually has TWO POLICIES when it comes to Israel/Palestine. One of these policies, the “official” policy, can be found on the website of Global Affairs, claims Canada “supports” Israel and “supports” the Palestinians. It is mostly for public consumption. Most Canadians feel comfortable with Canada’s “official” Israel/Palestine policy – based on the comforting notion of 2 states for 2 peoples. What could sound more fair?

Canada’s “real” policy in contrast, is quite different – it is to defend Israel in almost every possible way. Back in 2018, CTIP research took a careful look at Canada’s so-called “balanced” policy and found more than 25 ways that Canada favours Israel at the expense of the Palestinians, mostly under the table and out of the public spotlight.

Canada’s pattern of pro-Israel voting at the UN, while continuing to use the rhetoric of “balance” is yet another example of the Canadian government’s two faced approach to Israel/Palestine for the last several decades.

CTIP interviewed Dr. Michael Bueckert, lead author of the CJPME report about why Canada’s voting record at the UN is so inconsistent with our “official policy” and with the recommendations of its UN personnel.

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    1. No fair-minded Canadian can defend the Palestinian Authority “pay to slay” policy. Therefore, they should change their official policy of support for the Palestinian Authority to support for Israel until the Palestinian Authority stops promoting murder.

      1. Hello Mr. Sigman,
        yes, Israel has made a lot of noise about the PA’s Martyr Fund which Israel propandistically calls “pay to slay”.

        Most of the money goes to help provide support for the families of Palestinians who have been imprisoned (very often unjustly) by Israel. In’ some cases their houses havew also been demollished leaving their loved ones with no support.

        More information is available on Wikipedia here:,politically%20motivated%20violence%20against%20Israel.

        If you are worried about this, there is ANOTHER, REAL “PAY TO SLAY” programme in the West Bank and Israel. It is called the IDF whose highly paid killers have killed over 77 Palestinains so far in 2022. Now that is something to be concerned about.!!!!

  1. Thank you, CTIP and CJPME, for your honest and serious work to inform Canadians about Canadian government’s approach on the Palestinian question. The government tells us one thing and they do the opposite. This is wrong and should change.

  2. So, we truly don’t have a made in Canada two-state solution to this 70-plus year international crisis, but our very own two-faced farce that has been consistanty played on us by our prime-ministers.
    Just who or what packs enough punch to insist our PM,whether Liberal or Conservative ignore the salient wisdom of our diplomatic corp?

  3. Although I agree with the bureaucrats views on this issue, I don’t think that they should be expected to change the policy of the politicians. Voters need to do that. We need to change politicians. Unfortunately, on this issue, I do not see an opposition party that clearly opposes what the last two governments have been doing.

  4. Jagmeet Singh seems to have made a significant change in his position on this issue. He should be supported as he has been attacked viciously by the lobby.

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