Toronto Palestinian Film festival (September 21 – 25) offers on-line films for viewers across Canada

The Toronto Palestine Film Festival marks its 15th year bringing Palestinian cinema, music, cuisine and art to audiences in the Greater Toronto area. It also includes almost a dozen on-line films. Read more.

The Toronto Palestine Film Festival (TPFF) is a volunteer-run, non-profit organization dedicated to bringing Palestinian cinema, music, cuisine and art to GTA audiences. TPFF was launched in 2008 to mark the 60th anniversary of Al-Nakba, the expulsion of Palestinians in 1947/48 to make way for the creation of a Jewish State in Palestine.

In addition to showing films on large screen in theater, the TPFF also offers many films on-line. Viewers anywhere in Canada can purchase tickets and view the film at their convenience any time during the festival. Information on how to buy and view films is available here.

Among the exceptional films available on line this year are:

Beirut: Eye of the Storm: An account of a tumultuous period in recent Lebanese history looping back and forth between uprising and lockdown. Through their experiences, four women express their insights about current events and place them into historical perspective, and also offer glimpses into their personal lives and dreams of a new Lebanon.

Tantura: A documentary about a courageous Israeli academic who investigated a long hidden 1948 massacre of Palestinians by Israeli forces in 1948, and the attempts to silence him.

Eleven Days in May: A documentary about the 11 days of bombing of Gaza in May 2021 and remembering the lives of the children that were killed in the attack

Boycott: Over the past six years, 33 US states have passed laws intending to silence the movement to boycott Israel over its human rights record. But this wave of anti-boycott legislation has created a counter-wave in defense of freedom of speech. Boycott chronicles one of the most consequential First Amendment battles of the past few decades 

More information about these and all the other films at the Palestinian Film festival can be found here.

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  1. There goes the completely unbiased Larson showing off his denial of Israel’s right to exist and his continual anti semitism. And he keeps denying he is anti Semitic. What a jerk

    1. Hello Mr. Ehrenworth,
      I am happy to have a serious discussion with you or any Zionist. But, as it says on each post, I will not accept “ad hominem” arguments. Whether you think I am a “jerk” is not really very useful.
      If you have reason to believe that the Toronto Palestinian Film Festival is anti-semitic, please feel to share. If you don’t have something serious to say, please refrain.

  2. Thanks for this Peter. Let’s hope that at least one of these films can eventually make its way onto the big screen at venues such as the Bytowne Cinema in Ottawa.

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