APRIL FOOLS – In wake of damning UN report, Trudeau to lead Canadian fact-finding mission to Gaza – Netanyahu furious

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BFF in happier times: Trudeau (with Likud blue tie) and Netanyahu (with Liberal red one). But after reading the recent UN report on Israeli crimes in Gaza, Trudeau has decided to go to see for himself. Netanyahu’s foreign minister Yisrael Katz called the report “hostile, mendacious and biased”. But as usual, Trudeau is standing tall, proving once again – ‘Canada is back’. more…

The following is an April Fools joke posted in the early morning of April 1.

Most of those who read it, saw immediately that it was pointing an accusatory finger at the hypocrisy of Trudeau and Freeland. A few didn’t catch on right away, including hilariously, a dedicated Zionist who launched into a full attack on Trudeau’s (imaginary) trip to Gaza claiming it showed that Trudeau has been anti-Semitic all along. Go figure.

As noted at the end of the article, while Trudeau and Freeland deserve to be mocked, the issue of the murder of many Palestinian children by Israeli snipers is no joke at all. 


A recent report from the UN COMMISSION ON 2018 GAZA PROTESTS claiming that Israel committed violations of international law in repressing the “Great March of Return” has shocked Prime Minister Trudeau to his core. Today he announced he has abruptly dropped his policy of defending Israel against all accusations of brutality and injustice and now supports a call for investigation. He plans to visit Gaza himself.

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Commission Chair Santiago Canton has long experience in investigating human rights abuses in Argentina.

“The Commission has reasonable grounds to believe that during the Great March of Return, Israeli soldiers committed violations of international human rights and humanitarian law. Some of those violations may constitute war crimes or crimes against humanity, and must be immediately investigated by Israel,”

– Commission Chair, Santiago Canton of Argentina.

“I am shocked by what I read in this well researched UN report. Everyone should read it,” noted Mr. Trudeau. “Canada is a country that is fiercely attached to the rule of law, and it is clear from this report that Israel is not only contravening international law, there is a good case to be made for it having committed crimes against humanity.”

It appears that Trudeau was personally affected by watching a few of the report’s videos which clearly show unarmed protesters, far from Israel’s declared perimeter, being shot with live ammunition. Several of them fatally.

In fact, the videos make for difficult viewing by anyone but the most hardened Zionist.  It would be surprising if Trudeau, like any other decent person, were not to be revolted by the spectacle of Israeli snipers killing and maiming Palestinian children.

‘These demonstrators have been showing their anger and frustration at these weekly demonstrations for more than a year. Their stones can barely reach the barrier,’ noted Trudeau. ‘But Israeli snipers keep shooting these kids like fish in a barrel. It’s atrocious.” 

“Many of those shot were children,” sobbed Chrystia Freeland uncontrollably, tears running down her face after watching only 2 of the videos. “The defense of the rights of children is a Canadian priority. The blockade must end”, she wailed.

‘The end of this month will mark one year since the start of demonstrations which – as the Council’s Commission of Inquiry reported – have been met with deadly, disproportionate force by the Israeli Security Forces, leading to a very high toll of killings and injuries,” said Michelle Bachelet, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.

Ms. Bachelet knows a lot about human rights abuses and about the situation of refugees. She is a former President of Chile. Her father was killed under the regime of Augusto Pinochet and she was also arrested and tortured before being exiled. 


POSTSCRIPT. The idea of Trudeau going to Gaza and taking up an investigation of Israeli crimes is, sadly, an April Fool’s joke.

Unfortunately, the findings of the UN investigative commission are no joke at all. OFIP readers who think Trudeau SHOULD respond to its call for charges to be laid against Israeli authorities can write the Prime Minister at justin.trudeau@parl.gc.ca. It might also be useful to copy Ms. Freeland, your own MP, and all your friends.




    1. Hey William,
      Thanks for writing.
      I assume you mean that it is insensitive to make a joke about such a dreadful subject. I actually did worry about that, and showed a draft to two Palestinians (one in Canada one in Palestine) before publishing. Neither saw any problem with it.

      I think (and hope) that any CTIP reader will immediately see that the intent of the article is to point a finger at Trudeau. The UN report, whose findings were so terrible, got very little attention in the Canadian media, and no mention from either Trudeau or Freeland.

    2. Unfortunately it is the perfect subject for an April Fools Joke for people concerned in justice for Palestine.

      What is sad about this April Fool’s joke is not the content because killing innocents is a no laughing matter. It is sad that this matter needs to be presented as an April Fools joke. What is even sadder is the criminal and sheer hypocrisy of our elected leaders who coddle and protect the criminal regime which authorizing wholesale violence (actual shooting and total imprisonment) on Palestinian civilian population.

      Thank you Peter for taking aim at Mr. Trudeau’s failures (which seem to be accumulating). May he begin to see the growing light of April as offering him new opportunities to mend his ways on all his failures and a chance to redeem his sorry standing with all Canadians except perhaps the ones who pull his chain.

      1. Thank you Robert. Coming from a Palestinian Canadian I appreciate your comments. I recognize that I ran the risk of appearing callous, but it seemed a great opportunity to show the hypocrisy of Trudeau co. The Liberal leadership (not just Trudeau) has decided that it stands to gain more from supporting Israel than defending the human rights of the Palestinians. We need to change that.

  1. Sorry Mr Larson, but your April Fool’s joke was in very bad taste.

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    Peter Larson posted: ” BFF in happier times: Trudeau (with Likud blue tie) and Netanyahu (with Liberal red one). But after reading the recent UN report on Israeli crimes in Gaza, Trudeau has decided to go to see for himself. Netanyahu’s foreign minister Yisrael Katz called th”

    1. Hey Hamza, I agree that murdering and maiming hundreds of Palestinian children is no joke. However, I think that Mr. Trudeau’s sanctimoniousness is in fact a sad joke.

  2. Yes, sadly an April fools stunt. Trudeau does not have the political courage to actually challenge Israel’s government. Another reason that so many are disappointed in the Liberals – all promises and very little delivered.

  3. Beautifully-written April Fool’s joke, Peter. I don’t imagine too many of your readers were taken in by it.

  4. The UN video makes it SO obvious that the Great March of Return is a peaceful protest march of unarmed civilians. Israel’s behaviour is criminal; Canada’s is hypocritical in the extreme – horrible!

  5. You had me ’til I nearly choked over your cute little “rule of law” . That’s a Netanyahu-ism if there ever was one.

  6. I really wish that he had an enlightening moment and would speak out against Israel’s treatment of the people of Gaza. This April 1st “bulletin” makes me realize that my appraisal of the leadership of Justin Trudeau has now dropped considerably because of the blind support he gives to Israel. I will support a more enlightened leader of Canada.
    Charles B

  7. You made your point. You described what should be happening. It is Trudeau and Freeland who turned it into a poor April Fools joke.

  8. I wish the people complaining about this April Fool’s joke article have spent an equal amount of time and energy (at least) to reach out to Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland. But I think I’m wishing for too much; Canada doesn’t even have free speech.

    1. The latest issue of The Economist features King Bibi on the cover and follows with a one page leader and a three page briefing. On reading it one can only conclude that Israel had a Trump long before the US and panders to a coalition of extreme interests. As for Trudeau and Freeland, they are just simple cheap politicians making a farce of “the rule of law”. Canada deserve better but I’ve yet to find where.

  9. And here is what Trudeau actually did on April 1: Welcoming Israeli president Reuben Rivlin to Ottawa, Trudeau declared: “We work together to combat hatred and antisemitism around the world, including through the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance and the international campaign against antisemitism,” Trudeau said. “Our government will continue to speak out in the strongest possible terms against BDS and Israeli Apartheid Week, which hold Israel to completely different standards to any other country in the world.”

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