In unexpected move, Trudeau commits Canada to defending Zionism


In this year’s message marking Israel’s independence day, Prime Minister Trudeau said Canada was committed to fighting “anti-Zionism”. This is unprecedented. What does it mean? Read more….

Every year on Israel’s Independence Day, the Prime Minister of Canada issues a congratulatory statement. There is nothing unusual in this. We do the same for most of the other states with whom we have diplomatic relations.

The statement with respect to Israel usually contains a reference to Canada’s continued commitment to fighting Antisemitism. Antisemitism is a specific form of racism that discriminates against Jews. It is entirely appropriate that our government declare opposition to it. Last year, Prime Minister Trudeau’s 2016 statement said Canada “stands with Israel in its fight against Antisemitism”. Prime Minister Harper said the same thing in 2015.

But this year, in an apparently unprecedented move, Prime Minister Trudeau went a lot farther – he committed Canada to supporting Zionism itself!!

“Today, while we celebrate Israel’s independence, we also reaffirm our commitment to fight anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism.”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, May 2, 2017

This new development was quickly and enthusiastically picked up by right wing Canadian Jewish media. “Trudeau: “We reaffirm our commitment to fight anti-Zionism”, headlined the CIJ News, in a lead article that got over 1200 “likes” on its Facebook page.

Trudeau’s statement is surprising for several reasons.

First, it is highly unusual for a sovereign country to endorse the political program or ideology of another country.  Zionism is the ideology and political policy of the State of Israel. It is unlikely that Canada would express support for President Trump’s “America First” program, for example.

Second, there there is very little support for Zionism in Canada outside of the Jewish community and almost none among Canadian religious institutions. “No mainstream church endorses Zionism,” notes Reverend Robert Assaly, spokesperson for Canadian Friends of Sabeel. Among non-Jewish Canadians, only the most fundamentalist and evangelical churches in Canada endorse a form of Zionism called “Christian Zionism“, which holds that the creation of the State of Israel in 1948 is in accordance with Biblical prophecy.

But most importantly, it is surprising because Zionism itself is an ideology that seems to be at variance with Canadian values of democracy, equality and social justice.

It is not clear whether Prime Minister Trudeau really understood what he was saying. He may be confusing Judaism and Zionism. Trudeau might have thought that defending Zionism is the same thing as opposing racism.

What is the difference between Judaism and Zionism?

According to Montreal professor Yakov Rabkin, there is a world of difference between Judaism and Zionism.


Rabkin: “There is a world of difference between Judaism, a very old religion, and Zionism, a modern political ideology”

Judaism is one of the worlds oldest monotheistic religions. It is the source of both Christianity and Islam and goes back at least three thousand years. From its origins in the middle east, Judaism has spread to every continent in the world.

Zionism, on the other hand is a relatively modern political ideology that developed at the end of the 19th century. It arose as a reaction to rising Antisemitism in Europe, particularly in Eastern Europe. It holds that Jews are different from all other peoples and that for their own protection, Jews need a state of their own.

When Zionism first arose, it was opposed by a large majority of Jews. However, since the horrors of the Holocaust, most Jews have come to support Zionism.

In an interview with me last December, Dr. Rabkin outlined his views in an audio interview. In it, he explains that Zionism is itself a form of racism, because, like antisemitism, it holds that Jews can never be accepted into other societies. “Zionism, Antisemitism, two sides of the same coin: Montreal Professor”

Antisemitism defines the Jews as “the other” and argues that they don’t “belong”. This was taken to extreme by the racist Nazi regime who first wanted to expel Jews from Germany, and then, horrifically, decided to try to exterminate them.

But Zionism also defines the Jews as “the other”. It accepts the premise that Jews can never “belong” here, and claims that Jews can only flourish in safety by having a state of their own.

In a recent article in Jewish Forward , Suzanne Schneider argues that “Zionism and Antisemitism have in fact often worked in concert to achieve their shared goal: concentrating Jews in one place (so as to better avoid them in others).”

The consequences of Zionism

Unfortunately, the effects of the racial/ethnic discrimination (i.e. discriminating between Jews and non Jews) at the core of Zionism can be seen in today’s State of Israel.

Unlike Canada, which defines itself as a secular state in which all citizens are equal, Israel defines itself as a “Jewish State” in which Jews have prior rights over others. It became a Jewish State by expelling hundreds of thousands of non-Jewish residents in 1948. It safeguards its Jewishness by refusing to allow those refugees the right to return. And today, Israel continues to practice racial/ethnic discrimination against its non-Jewish (i.e. Palestinian) citizens in a wide range of areas including housing, education and employment.

So far only a few voices have been raised questioning Trudeau’s statement.

“Canada should not be “fighting” opposition to a political ideology that has caused and continues to cause immeasurable suffering for the Palestinian people, and which does not correspond to the values of a growing number of Jews,” noted Independent Jewish Voices Canada on its Facebook page.

Whether consciously or not, Mr. Trudeau, whose reputation rests to a great extent on being a “liberal” Liberal, appears to have committed himself, and Canada, to defending an ideology based on racial/ethnic discrimination.

Let us hope this is an accident that can be quickly corrected.  Canadians who value democracy and equality and who oppose racism of all sorts, including Antisemitism, should be asking their favorite member of Parliament whether Canada really supports racial discrimination in the Middle East.


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    1. Agreed. Anyone who. Anyone who comes to the simplistic conclusion that Zionist is based on ethnic racial discrimination is either ignorant or practices old type of antisemitism in a new form. The issues facing tiny country, such as Israel are very complex and requires deeper understanding. The author is a total fool.

      1. You’ve must not read what Zionist leaders told Churchill pre1922 that Palestine will be as Jewish as England is English. I.e. Ethnic cleansing of the locals and still ongoing.

    2. You ate correct. Trudeau has been ‘got at’ in some way; nothing surer. Zionist organisations have a lot of power.

  1. Young Justin has a rather mixed response to such religion affiliated stimuli. In 2015, when he was so anxiously seeking to become Prime Minister, Trudeau like a coward, looked the other way when Stephen Harper raised the ugly spectre during debate of opposing the right of Muslim women to wear a niqab in public.

    It was left to the NDP’s Tom Mulcair to stand and defend a woman’s right to wear what she wants and he paid the price as racists in Quebec opted to switch votes from the NDP to the Liberals because the Trudeau Liberals would not defend that woman’s rights.

    Now we watch as Trudeau opts this time to ignore the political intent behind Zionism and plays into the charade that it’s origins are rooted in Jewish humanitarianism.

    Sure it is, just like Justin’s feminism supports the rights of some women to wear what they want, but not others.

  2. There are lots of things wrong with this article. First of all Jew hatred and Israel hatred have been made interchangeable by those who object to the existence of Israel as a non 100% Muslim state in the middle east. Also a founding premise of Israel is that Arabs and Muslims are equal citizens, with equal access to jobs, services, etc. which this article tries to pervert. Also Friends of Sabeel has a reputation of being antisemitic and pro-terror.

    1. Get lost troll. Educated people know that Israel’s democracy only applies to Jews and its not only recognized by the UN (which doesnt mean much) but in University textbooks also. Israel is a recognized apartheid state.

      1. Absolutely! JT does not speak for Canadians. Its no surprise considering his #racism towards #indigenous people #FirstNations in his own country and these people helped elect him!!!!He is supports Canadian apartheid for FirstNations & is the driving force behind it! DISAPPOINTMENT.I wonder if he’s given a thought to the fact that the UN declared the illegal settlements “illegal” #warcrimes regardless of the fact they retracted it, YOU CAN’T UNRING A BELL!

  3. Your definition of Zionism here is not based on the views of Zionists. It is based on the views of the enemies of Zionism who define it in such a way as to make it appear despicable.

    As a life-long Zionist, I am proud of the efforts of the State of Israel to build a liberal and democratic state with equal rights for all. I am opposed to racism and discrimination and support efforts to root it out in Israel just as I support efforts to root it out in Canada.

    No country is free of racism, but, like Canada, Israel is a country under the rule of law with vigorous and independent courts. Israelis of all backgrounds, Jewish and non-Jewish are judges on those courts, including the Israeli Supreme Court which has some times struck down legislation passed by the elected parliament, in response to complaints by Israeli Arabs and also by Palestinians who live in the disputed territories. The courts also have compelled the government to alter policies which were deemed to impose unfair hardship on Israel’s minority communities.

    As in Canada, Israelis have a variety of views on nationalism, and some are more open-minded and universalist than others. But it is only Israel’s enemies who characterize Zionism as racism. When Justin Trudeau says he will resist anti-Zionism, he means that he will not support those who seek to de-legitimize the state of Israel, the one and only state with a Jewish majority. I am quite certain that his wording was carefully chosen and that he will not change his position.

    1. I’m of the belief that most Israelis are against the heavy handed Zionist rule in Israel….911TRUTH.

      1. Hey Bill. Zionist parties regularly take a large percentage of the vote in Israeli elections. Of course what I mean by Zionist is probably not what you mean by Zionist. Zionists actually represent a broad spectrum of political views. Israelis have regular free elections and have always elected Zionists in the 69 years since it became an independent state. If you are interested in a more nuanced view of Israeli history, check out Land of Blood and Honey by Martin Creveld.

      2. Hey Bill, I agree with David Roytenberg on this. Zionism is almost universally accepted in Israel… except by its Palestinian Citizens, of course.
        The main OPPOSITION PARTY is called the Zionist Union.
        There are a wide range of Zionists – religious Zionists, nationalist Zionists, liberal Zionists, etc. Only a very tiny segment of the Jewish population of Israel would define itself as “non zionist” or “antiZionist”.

    2. Hey David,
      Thanks for taking the time to post your thoughtful and respectful comments. I know it takes an effort to do so when you believe others are distorting your views.

      I know that there are many different definitions of Zionism. Here is the one I use – please feel free to disagree or tell us how you define Zionism.

      Zionism is the belief that for religious reasons and/or because of a history of atrocious discrimination and oppression against them by others, in order to protect themselves, Jews need and deserve a Jewish State which they control in the area around Jerusalem where Jews have lived for thousands of years.

      1. @Peter

        For what’s its worth I wouldn’t agree with that definition. The “because” is too narrow. Zionism was the belief that Jews are or should become a nation. And further as a nation they should exercise self determination through the establishment of a homeland or a state. Today given the existence of an obvious national population, state and territory Zionism is simply the belief that this nation should not be extinguished. It often further includes the belief that all or most of the world’s remaining Jews should immigrate to Israel.

    3. Can you honestly say that Israel is for equal rights for all? Have you read anything regarding Gaza, the largest outdoor prison in the world? What rights do these poor Palestinians have? Can they vote? No, Can they work freely in Israel? No, do they have access to the same education and health care? No. Your statements are totally ludicrous the only equal rights zionists want are equal rights for Jews and nobody else, this “goyem” knows better.

      1. Good view. I see zionism as a biggotry. There are jews throughout the world who hate zionism as much as others do.

      2. Robin, have you read about Gaza from different sources than the ones that you have conveniently chosen. You are ignorant or just don’t want to accept the truth, for obvious reasons. Feel sorry for you!

      3. Well said. It looks like the world is blind to this… or just acting blind because money talks on this planet

      4. @Robin

        Israel relinquished Gaza. States don’t grant equal rights to people living in territories outside their borders.

    4. “As a life-long Zionist, I am proud of the efforts of the State of Israel to build a liberal and democratic state with equal rights for all.”

      There are four classifications for people tied to the land of Palestine. The Jewish Colonial Settlers of the 20th century and their descendants have the full rights of the State. Non-Jewish Citizens about 1 million compared to the 5 million Jews are full citizens, but face at least 60 discriminatory laws and many more de facto racist rules and procedures that deprive them of equal rights.

      Then there is the West Bank population under Israeli rule for 5 decades now, the third generation without any rights of citizens. 50 years under Israeli dominion, but no say over the ultimate government that rules their life. For Gaza, that extends to 7 decades under Israeli control.

      Finally there are the refugees from the Ethnically Cleansing in 1947-8 and their offspring with no rights whatsoever. They’re historic homes and lands taken at the point of the gun.

      So how exactly is Israel a “democratic state with equal rights for all?”

    5. Israhell.
      Full me once, full me twice …. I now know who am I not going to vote for in 2018.

    6. Israel is a racist state. It was a state set up for Jews only and done so at the expense of gentiles who were already living there.

      If you happen to be Jewish and preferably white, than you’re welcome.

      Sure, it may sound a little off, but it’s a fact and folks need to accept it.

      Zionists and their supporters need to own and accept this reality. Stop hiding from it and be proud of being racists.

      Stand up like Canada’s courageous leader Tredeau, and let the whole world know, that supporting the open oppression, occupation of a whole peoples is not only a wonderful policy but one that Western nations must continue to support. Even if it means going against your own national interests, morals, empathy and basic humanity.

  4. It’s never ends with Israeli apologists repeating the same slogans: Jew haters. Anti Semites. Wanting the destruction of Israel. Self hating Jews and similar crap. Mass arrests. No rights. No freedom of movement. All people in Israel have the same rights, which nothing is more idiotic than that. In actuality Apartheid is in Israel itself, even discrimination against Jews of color etc, etc.
    But never debate the situation of the last 100 years, starting with the Zionist colonial and racist ideology and the atrocities which followed, or the continual atrocities up to today: Massacres, land theft, house demolitions, taking over water and all other resources, sieges on millions of people, assassinations and trampling on every international law in relations to human rights and 4th Geneva convention.
    How can any decent person defend Israel. How the European Jews in Europe, North America and in Israel do those crimes, when they suffered similar atrocities.

    In relation to Trudeau and other politicians being corrupt, unknowing or misled by Israeli and Jewish lobby, to stand by a criminal state, is really disturbing to say the least.
    Basically, who is Trudeau, what he knows about the Middle East and the real Zionism or what’s going on every day.

    1. And you didn’t even mention the murder of thousands of children & civilians by phosphorus bombs(outlawed by the UN)but hey when has Israel ever listened to the UN or any one for that matter….911TRUTH will drain the Zionist swamp in Washington.

    2. @Jake

      If you want to know how Jews can defend these acts they don’t start the timeline at 1948. They start the timeline at or usually before the Roman dispossession which led to their exile in the first place.

  5. could you say more about the forces behind this? my sense is that Christian Zionists in Canada have been getting increasingly influential (including under Harper), but I’d love to hear more/

    1. Hey Tom, Canadian Friends of Sabeel held a conference on Christian Zionism a couple of years ago, they might be able to add some information.

      My own view is that while Christian Zionists do have some influence, to a much greater extent Canadians are infused with a kind of general “liberal zionism” in which horror of what happened to Jews in Europe leading up to, and including the Holocaust, justifies having a Jewish State.

      In my view, few Canadians understand that creating a Jewish State on top of an existing population necessarily invites resistance, which then requires repression.

      There is no way to have a “nice” Jewish State.

  6. What do you expect, his forefathers ethnic cleansed the land and called it theirs? Brothers in arms? He is simply legitimising his inheritance, by prostrating before the Zionist Gods.

    1. Hey Abdullah, I don’t find that that explains much.

      My forefathers (from Sweden) also ethnically cleansed this land. I support “Truth and Reconciliation” with our Aboriginal citizens.

  7. Reblogged this on annettelengyel and commented:
    Christianity is fascism, Islam is terrorism, and Judaism is zionism, apparently. According to Canada’s quisling first minister, we are expected to swallow his assertion that religious faith and extremist political ideology is one and the same. Propaganda on behalf of a foreign state to distort the truth is an abuse of the office of prime minister. But then again, the Canadian government once supported “appeasement” of Nazism. And that too was under a Liberal government.

  8. It is really disappointing and dangerous to see the Canadian PM adopting ideological views of a foreign political movement. Especially that Zionism, in all its definitions and versions, is clearly against equality and human rights universal values. Can you imagine what would be the reaction if PM said that he supports the platform of a national party in France or Iran, for example? I am shocked to read the PM’s statement. We should call and write to our MPs to question this position and demand a clarification and a change.

    1. Absolutely Correct New Canadian..I totally agree. As an old Canadian I am mad as a hornet. This is not the view we as Canadians who understand the ‘True History” want our PM to present on our behalf. This is a very evil stance and we strongly disagree. Shame on Justin Trudeau for saying such nonsense. I really think he is living in a dream world. Canadians do not want a NWO nor do they respect the NAZI stance. I think this is a statement / stance he should be impeached for.

    2. @New Canadian

      I’m sure if there were a large group of Canadians who considered the Persian existence (not merely the Iranian government) in the territory of Iran illegitimate and sought to reverse it Trudeau would likely have a similar reaction.

  9. United Nations is one of most 😈 EVIL 😈 that has ever formed in the face of the 🌍 EARTH 🌍.

    It was simply formed to defend the criminal colonizers, occupiers, from all the great nations that have been brutally unlawfully killed, raped, looted enslaved and uncountable criminal acts which have been committed against them. And this very evil organization so called united nations, set up some false and criminal laws as barriers to ease up the way to defend against all the innocent nations like for instance Africa and any nation that have suffered from the criminal colonizers and occupiers from all kind of reactions in case they may take action to severely revenge as their lawful justification against all criminal colonizers and occupiers.

  10. Les Nations Unies sont l’un des plus grands 😈 EVIL 😈 qui s’est formé face à 🌍 EARTH 🌍.

    Il a simplement été formé pour défendre les colonisateurs criminels, les occupants, de toutes les grandes nations qui ont été brutalement tuées, ont été violées, ont pillé des actes criminels asservis et incontournables qui ont été commis contre eux. Et cette très mauvaise organisation appelée nations unies, a mis en place des lois fausses et criminelles comme des obstacles pour faciliter la défense de toutes les nations innocentes, comme par exemple l’Afrique et toute nation qui a souffert des colonisateurs et occupants criminels de toutes sortes Des réactions au cas où ils pourraient prendre des mesures pour se venger sévèrement comme leur justification légitime contre tous les colonisateurs et occupants criminels.

  11. It doesn’t matter who what religion, no one should go extream in their religion it is said by the God himself in Holy Quran which is the last book ever sent from the God. Moreover, hatred should be banned from anything but evil, and we surely know what is wrong or right beside religious perspective which has no dimension but belief which we can keep ourselves.

  12. As rabbi Brant explains: “If there’s one thing that virtually all Zionists can agree upon, from the political right to left and everywhere in between, it is their abject unwillingness to accept the Palestinian right of return.” The Zionist ideology prevents 5 million Palestinians from returning to their homes, and keeps them cooped up in refugee camps in the countries that border Israel.

  13. The return of the grand sons and daughters of the Palestinian 1948 refugees into Israel proper is not going to happen.
    Rather that being assimilated into the civilian societies of their home countries during the past 70 years, Palestinian were kept in refugee camps as hostages of the Palestinian leadership and the Arab league.
    Their “return” into Israel is planned to spell the end of the state of Israel. Why would Israelis accept that?

    1. Ahek, If you cared to apply the same logic of your argument to the Zionist approach for the return of the “Jews” after 3000 years (that is 2730 years longer) of absence, you will find that your justification is kind of lose.

      1. Mousa, As a Zionist I think that the ancient history of the Jewish people in Israel have little to no relevancy to the rights of Jews in the modern era.
        Zionist Jews together with the Palestinian citizens of Israel have the right to the land because of what they did with it over the last 120 years. Much the same way that Canadians have the right to Canada because of the last 150 years, and Peruvian Indians does not have the right to live in Canada, even though their ancestors lived in Canada on their way from the Bering sea to Peru

      2. @Shakir Mousa

        There are two distinct issues:

        a) Was return the right solution for the “Jewish question” in Europe in the 19th century.
        b) What is the status of the Israelis who live there now a vast majority of whom are native born.

        We aren’t debating in the context of 1917 we are debating in the context of 2017. The mass migration of Jews to Palestine occurred. Most of the countries of the world which had a Jewish population in 1917 don’t in anywhere near the same numbers as they did and would have. If you want to debate alternative histories prior to the migration, sure we can do that. But those alternatives didn’t happen. Now what we have is the descendants of a 19th thru mid 20th century migration living in that country and not wanting the return of the great grandchildren of the descendants of the 7th and 8th century migration.

    2. Ahik,

      I am not arguing against the right of the Palestinian Jews to live in Palestine or the Yemeni Jews to live in Yemen, or the Iraqi Jews to live in Iraq, etc. I fully agree that these people are part and parcel of the land and the nationhood of their respective countries. These are the NATIONALS of these countries and no one has the right to make them leave. As some one who was born , raised , speaks the language , understands the culture, and worked nearly all my life in that part of the world, I can assure that I have many Jewish friends from my country of origin who feel exactly the same way as I do about the damage the Zionists caused to human values in the ME and well beyond.

      For your information, I for one , and now that I have immigrated to Canada out of my own free will, can also assure that I do not believe that neither me nor my children, nor my grand children or any of my future decedents should have any right of return the country of my origin under the pretext that my roots are planted in that part of the world. I have made the decision to make Canada my country and therefore it is my responsibility to establish my new foundation, integrate myself, and build my future in this country of Canada.

      The attitude of sitting on the fence by the Zionists with one leg in Israel and the other in Canada is a most deceptive tool of the Zionists. A person should establish strong sense of belonging to his country which ever he decide it is.

      1. Mousa, I’m curious, my grand parents immigrated to Palestine in 1925 and 1932, what’s your opinion? Am I allowed to live in Israel? Would I need to pay Dhimi?

  14. The article is certainly in close proximity to the truth. The only point of information that I want to add, which seems to be missing from most minds in the West, is that Semitism does not only define Jews but also encompasses all the Semitic race which includes the Arabs. Arabs and Jews share the same racial roots, being the Southern parts of the Arabian Peninsula (today’s Yemen and Saudi Arabia). This can also be easily observed and verified when close study is made of their shared cultures, languages, features, etc. Therefore the term “anti-Semitism” can and should be interpreted not only to mean anti-Jews but also anti-Arabs too. The Arabs make the vast majority of the Semites on our planet. As a natural consequence, Jews and Arabs shared the same land and livelihood for thousands of years in the Middle East and North Africa. The appearance of the Zionists only served to bring a very sharp and dangerously inflammatory divide between these two Semitic people.

    Zionism did this by openly advocating discriminatory attitude against the Palestinian Arabs, it actually and factually promote ANTI- SEMITISM. The Zionists implemented and implement as we speak the policy not only of taking over the geographical land of the Palestinians , but also did their utmost to rid the Palestinian of their identity , heritage, and in many cases, their actual existence, literally.

      1. Hey Peter, FYI the Zionist was the one who wanted the Orthodox Jew placed in concentration camps. I wonder how you feel about the Zionist or “Antisemitism” now? Do you understand the true history of this breed or I think you should be honest and admit you have no clue of the truth.

    1. Thank-you Mr. Mousa, For your act of positive progressive personal power, taking control of the words is to change the arguement and more likely it’s outcome. Your’s is the act of a free man. I have been at this struggle with the status quo-ers for a decade now, the deafness, or cowardice, or (as with JT) the self interest, is appalling, heart breaking, desolating.

      . The word- describer ( created from very dubious ,if not repulsive roots), was made currency by and to serve the aims of Jew haters. In fact and by, a non-apologists, definition Arabs are 95% of the world’s sémites. While the word was to dispossess Jews of home-s it can recognize such for the Arab, as a jew I reject and denounce it.

      By, the dead left’s insistence on perpetuating It’s “common use” I understand them to be closeted Jew and Arab haters. Strong- ugly to express it so but as this refusal of change brought us here and will keep us here what can I as a Jew ask? Just how many ”sémites must die or become criminals to satisfy some people?

      You are a good person and not alone on the fringe, we are growing. I only fear not quickly enough to stop the misery any time soon. And this also will be seen to be a crime as it has before.

    1. Get locked in an open air prison for years and let us know if peace is the songs you’re singing.

    2. Thanks for sharing this video.

      These young boys will grow up to become, brave young men resisting the hellish Israeli oppression that awaits them and their families.

      1. Whatever you say Civilian. But because there are no Jews in Gaza, these kids would look for confrontation with Israeli civilians in Israel, and we all know what happens next.
        Anyway, my point was that you can raise your kids on hatred to the Jews but don’t expect Israel to admit them as adults into Israel in what you call “the right of return”

    3. Hey Ahik, perhaps I am missing something here. As I see it, these kids are talking about resisting Israeli soldiers. They are not talking about attacking Israeli civilians. Given their history do you find this surprising?
      On the contrary, in Nazareth a few weeks ago, I saw Israeli soldiers showing Israeli children how much fun it is to be in a tank and shoot Arab terrorists.

  15. I wonder if Justin Trudeau understands that the Zionist Jew in all truth is the one who wanted Hitler to contain the Orthodox Jew in concentration camps. These are the people who support the NAZI…I suppose he may be aware of this because of the likes or Geo. Soros…he seems to be their little bitch at Canadian Taxpayers expense. I wonder how many Canadians are aware of the fact that Hitler was ordered by the Zionists to kill the German Orthodox Jew (who Hitler has absolutely no issue with) The Orthodox Jew was happy in Germany, they had their arts and were happy and quite prosperous. The Zionists were jealous of this,,,and Now Justin is Siding With These Creatures??? I pray he is exposed in the true light he is following. I pray Canadians learn the true history and not the bent lies propagated by the snake itself.

    1. @Lou

      In 1925, before Zionist even knew who Adolf Hitler was he wrote, “If, with the help of his Marxist creed, the Jew is victorious over the other peoples of the world, his crown will be the funeral wreath of humanity and this planet will, as it did thousands of years ago, move through the ether devoid of men. ” I think it is time you deal with reality. Hitler hated Jews all on his own. Zionism during the 1920s and early 1930s was a tiny fringe movement. There is no great conspiracy and the “true history” you are talking about is contradicted by the obvious facts of the case.

  16. Zionism is a political ideology and is inherently racist. It is my duty to oppose it!

  17. Justin Trudeau, who was recently outed as a scumbag continues the treachery of his late father, Pierre (Fuddle-Duddle) Trudeau. They are both moral cowards.
    Trudeau the elder sold out Canada to the banks with his failure to enforce the Bank of Canada Act, Trudeau the younger set that treacherous malfeasance in stone with the passing of CETA in the House.
    Now the schmuck wants to defend Zionizm? F**k’im.

  18. Judo-racism took over Ukraine since 2014 and Israel started the project of creating Heavenly Palestine on legally belonging to the USSR lands of Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic. Fro this who are not familiar – the range of coups in the USSR since 1990 created illegal “states” that are in fact are Soviet territories, annexed and occupied by the Nazis, racists who commit DE-industrialization of the annexed territories and genocide of native population. The “Protocol of Wisdom of Zio”n and the Habad’s “Plan for Slavs”, as well as Talmud, verbal law for Jews, expose Judo-racism 100%. Will Canada wake up? It’s good to have a mature well educated and smart PM, but we are so unlucky to have child on the throne…

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