Speak white!! Racist members of Israeli Knesset go crazy about a member of Knesset speaking…. Arabic!!

“You are in the Knesset! You need to speak Hebrew!”, shouted Likud MK David Amsalem

According to Wikipedia, the first known instance of derogatory use of the phrase “speak white” against French-speaking Canadians occurred on October 12th, 1889, when Henri Bourassa was booed by English-speaking members of the parliament. They shouted “Speak White!” during debates in the Canadian House of Commons on Canada’s engagement in the Second Boer War. 

Some historians contest the specific reference, but whether or not “speak white” was actually used as frequently as alleged, there is no doubt that for many years English Canadians felt that Quebecers should accept their second class status. Quebecers, Acadians and Franco-Ontarians certainly felt its sting. The pain and anger were captured in a famous poem “Speak White by Québécoise Michèle Lalonde.”

While the use of English and French had been formally recognized in our Parliament since 1867, it was not until 1959 that simultaneous translation was provided. Prior to that, Francophone MPs had the right to be heard, but not to be understood. And it was another ten years before Canada finally passed its Official Languages Act. After years of struggle, French speaking Canadians finally won the right to use their own language in the federal sphere. It wasn’t an easy struggle, but their right to do so is now law.

In the Israeli parliament – translation for whom?

Twenty percent of Israelis are Palestinian Arabs for whom Arabic is the mother tongue (approximately the same percentage as those who have French as a first language in Canada.) But in terms of recognition of linguistic rights for its Palestinian Arab minority, Israel seems to be back where Canada was in 1889.

During a visit to the Knesset (Israel’s parliament ) in 2016, I asked our young Israeli guide whether translation was provided for parliamentarians in the Knesset, thinking of the simultaneous translation in the Canadian parliament.

Her answer stunned me. “Yes“, she smiled, “Whenever foreign visitors speak to our Knesset we provide translation into Hebrew.” The notion of providing translation facilities so debates could be carried on in both Hebrew and Arabic, which at the time were both OFFICIAL languages of Israel, apparently did not occur to her.

When I pressed further, I was told that Arab speakers had the right by law to speak in Arabic in the Knesset, but “they don’t do so because nobody will understand them.”

Palestinian citizens of Israel stripped of their linguistic rights

But it seems that linguistic rights for the Palestinian citizens of Israel has gone further BACKWARDS since that visit. With the passage of the “Nation State Law” in 2018, Arabic lost its status as an official language. Today Hebrew is Israel’s only OFFICIAL language. Use of Arabic is no longer a right in the Knesset and has apparently become a cause for racist derision.

When MK Mansour Abbas, head of the Ram party, dared to speak in Arabic a few days ago he was ridiculed by Likud members.

An Arab lawmaker speaks his language Arabic and the right loses its mind!!” reported the Israeli daily Ha’aretz. Shall I bring you baklawa and coffee? Knesset of Israel, what have we come to?” Amsalem asked, turning red in the face. “You are in the Knesset! You need to speak Hebrew!”

Other Likud members of Knesset piled on. “Disgraceful!” tweeted MK Miri Regev a former spokesperson for the Israeli Defence Forces. “This morning in the Knesset of Israel, (…) a speech in Arabic. Shameful.”

The racist uproar even made it to Israeli television. “There is no need for me to learn Arabic because Hebrew is the language of the Knesset“, fumed Naveh Dromi on Israel’s Channel 14 television.

A Jewish and democratic state?

Israel likes to claim that it is a “Jewish and Democratic State”, and points to the fact that all Israeli citizens, including Palestinian citizens of Israel, have the right to vote and to be elected to the Knesset. However, when Palestinian citizens of Israel are elected to that body, they find they are still second class citizens.

“The fight for French language rights in Canada was long and painful,” notes Richard Nadeau, former Member of Parliament for the Bloc québécois. “But today the right to use the French language in Parliament is inscribed in law. There is no going back.”

Even Stephen Harper learned to speak pretty decent French“, noted Nadeau. “I’m sure Israeli prime minister Naftali Bennet could learn Arabic if he put his mind to it.”

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  1. Few important points that you forgot to mention.
    Dudi Amsalem is a professional heckler, he heckles Jews and Arabs alike

    Dudi Amsalem’s understands Arabic, in fact Arabic is his mother’s tongue.
    His parents Ibrahim and Sultana Amsalem immigrated from Morocco, and Amsalem often refers to himself as a Moroccan

    1. Hey Ahik,
      thanks for your comment. I did not ‘forget” that Amsalem is an Arab Jew. In fact, i had never heard of him before this incident was reported in the Israeli press.
      I believe that upwards of 40% of Israelis are in fact, Arab Jews, who immigrated to Israel in the ’50’s. My understanding is that they face considerable racism from Ashkenazi Jews who are the upper tier in Israel. Mostly the Misrahi or Sephardic “arab jews” try to ‘integrate’ into Israel by emphasising their Jewishness and de emphasising their Arabic roots.

  2. #APARTHEID #israel is slowly devolving into an OPENLY ehtno-supremacist state and the Center & Left “camouflage” of the inherent racist compoenent of zionist is eroded everyday and the true nature of zionism that is BASED on the negation of Palestinians existence is more expposed every day … Shameful that the hasbara is so effective in Western media … But since post-zionism does not take hold amongst Jewish Israeli, a solution that COULD lead to a truly bi-national State DEMOCRATIC State will only happen when the zionist extremists gets their way and the Western World ( and Arab totalitarian States !) can no longer cover the fact that there is *NO* Israel but only #APARTHEID #israel and that zionism now equals ANTI-PALESTINIAN RACISM … with the only difference from left to extreme right is the level of racism and intolerance …

    Palestine *WILL* be FREE, alas it will take a long time …

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