Next Israeli Prime Minister has just ruled out any negotiations with Palestinians – what will Canada say or do now?

The Canadian government still claims to believe in a two state solution based on negotiations. But Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid has promised Israelis that when he becomes Prime Minister in August 2023, he will not negotiate with the Palestinians. So what will Canada do now? Will it dare register a voice of criticism of its “steadfast friend and close ally”? Will it apply any pressure on Israel? Read more.

When I am prime minister, we still won’t hold negotiations with the Palestinians.” Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid announced to Israeli media on January 1st.

Lapid, who is expected to replace current Israeli prime minister Naftali Bennett next year under their “rotation agreement”, said that the Israeli government will not negotiate with the Palestinians even after he becomes prime minister in August 2023. (Bennett has already said the same thing.)

Lapid’s comment was all but ignored in the Israeli press. This isn’t surprising, Lapid revealed something that the Israeli public has long known. There is no Israeli interest in ending the occupation, no Israeli partner for any solution, not even an Israeli interest in negotiations.

In truth, there never was, but now official Israel, for the first time in its history, is acknowledging as much”, concludes Levy. “The possibility that the Palestinians will be doomed to another hundred years of apartheid cannot be dismissed”.

What will Canada do?

What is surprising is that there was NO MENTION of Lapid’s statement in Canadian media and NO REACTION by the Canadian government.

Trudeau/Joly – lots of smiles but no criticism of Israel

Surprising, because Lapid’s statement is in flagrant contradiction to the official Canadian position in favour of a negotiated two state solution.

Now that a negotiated two-state solution has been excluded by the current Israeli prime minister and the next one, and will not be on the table negotiations for at least 3 years, what will Canada do? Will Canada dare to criticize Israel? Let alone apply any pressure? Does Canada really support a two state solution, or are these just idle words?

Canada – missing in action again

Unfortunately, the record is not encouraging. Canada has not done anything to defend a two state solution over the last decade as Israel continues to expand settlements and make a mockery of the notion.

Others have not been so timid. On December 8th, fifteen European ambassadors came to the Israeli Foreign Ministry to lodge a series of diplomatic protests. They protested house demolitions and evictions from Palestinian homes, as well as the Government of Israel’s decision to declare six Palestinian civil society NGOs terrorist organizations. That designation was based on Israelis claims that the NGO’s were tied to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, a claim most European countries dismiss as unproven.

The European protest so angered the Israeli official that she reportedly told them their litany of complaints “pisses me off.”

One day, it may be considered a badge of honour to have delivered a diplomatic protest which “pissed off” representatives of Israel’s apartheid regime. But a week after Lapid’s announcement, neither Prime Minister Trudeau nor Global Affairs Minister Melanie Joly have made any comment.

Instead of reinforcing the European protest by joining in, Canada is actually undermining its impact.

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  1. Why am I not surprised .Israel thumbs it’s nose at what others say .For some reason they get away with their continued injustice towards the Palestinians who’s land they covet and steal by bulldozing existing Palestinian housing . I am sorry to say that here in Canada we have a government with no spine to properly address the issues of Palestinian statehood.

  2. Well done ! Would you consider sending it to the G&M ? Haig

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  3. Right on. I had the opportunity to ask US Ambassador Dennis Ross about why those who advocate for a Two-State Solution do not recognize Palestine while recognizing Israel. Heis answer was the legitimisation offered by the Partition Resolution of 1947 #181, which specified frontiers that were bypassed by the Zionist militias in the Nakba.

    1. good comment Mr, Weizfeld.
      So instead of the U.S. trying to wright the wrongs of the Zionist militias, they gave Israel more arms, more money, more cover and more of everything, enabling Israel to continue the crimes. That makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it.

  4. Good post, and certainly newsworthy.
    Come on Canadian government. Get with the program of justice and fair treatment for oppressed people, and at the same time honouring the official legal position of our country.

  5. Hi Peter. Given Canada’s voting record at the UN, as you so well documented in your last post, it is highly likely that the Canadian Government will remain silent on this issue and offer no criticism of Israel.

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