What is the future of Jerusalem? Israeli capital? Palestinian capital? Both? Divided? Undivided?

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At the December 21 meeting of the UN General Assembly, a motion critical of Donald Trump’s unilateral decision to recognize Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel was  overwhelmingly accepted. CTIP invites you to a public information meeting on the history, current situation and possible future of one of the world’s holiest cities…. Read more…


The future of Jerusalem? What is the answer?

Thursday, January 25th

 7:30 p.m.

Churchill Senior Centre

345 Richmond Rd, Ottawa

two soldiers

Israeli soldiers stand watch on a rooftop in East Jerusalem. In background, the Dome of the Rock.

Muslims, Christians and Jews have lived in Jerusalem for thousands of years. All feel a special link to Jerusalem. So do Israelis and Palestinians.

Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel has enraptured some and infuriated others.

What are the issues involved? Is there a solution?

Slideshow (with videos) by Dr. Peter Larson, Chair, Canada Talks Israel Palestine

Followed by question and answer session with:

  • Waleed Iliyan, son of a Palestinian refugee
  • David Parnas, son of Holocaust survivors
  • Carl Hétu, Director, Catholic Near East Welfare Association

Bring your questions, we will try to have answers.

Slideshow, videos, discussion.

Admission free, donations accepted 

Free Parking, OC Transpo bus stop 4876


Canada Talks Israel Palestine (CTIP) aims to promote a serious discussion in Canada about the complicated and emotional Israel/Palestine issue. We invite comments from readers. Both Zionist and non-Zionist opinion is welcome as long as it is expressed in a respectful way. If you support our educational mission, why not join? Or make a donation? Or learn more about what we do?  Contact us at membership.ctip@gmail.com.


  1. This is a potentially useful event. I hope that it becomes clear that if the PA is able to begin a mature approach to the whole relationship with Israel, that the world and most Israelis will possibly warm to the idea of an East Jerusalem capital for Palestine. The prerequisite is that Palestinians understand that Israel is not going to disappear, and Palestinian behavior has to adapt to that fact.

  2. The composition of your panel demonstrates that you are not presenting a fulsome unbiased discussion of the issue.

    Parnas’s position is well documented. Your attempt to pass him off as representing the Canadian Jewish perspective and beyond, playing on the fact that his position has even more weight because he is the son of a Holocaust survivors is appalling.

    I am married to the son of a Holocaust survivor and his position as well as his mother’s, a Holocaust survivor, is very much supportive of an Israeli capital in Jerusalem. They are many Jews and HOLOCAUST SURVIVORS that share their view. Indeed, the majority of Canadian Jews do.

    Shame on you for holding this out as a legitimate discussion. I find it absolutely disgusting that people deliberately mislead others that there is a Jewish perspective in discussions such as these when that representation is from a marginal groups or individuals not reflective of the mainstream position. Look we found some Jews that share our opinion. Ergo, we’ve represented Jews.

    How about putting Mosab Hassan Yousef on your panel!

    1. Hey Leigh, thanks for your comment. Please feel free to organize a meeting reflecting your own point of view. I doubt Dr. Parnas will claim to reflect all Jews in his remarks.

      1. Hey Leigh, I had a further thought. You are clearly interested in this topic. Why don’t you organize a meeting reflecting what you think would be a ‘balanced’ panel, reflecting both Zionist and non-Zionist points of view.

        I think that would be terrific. I would be happy to promote it, as I think this kind of discussion is overdue.

  3. Hey Ahik, You are welcome to come to the event, as I told you privately, and to make comment from the floor, as long as you follow the guidelines that will be established.

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