CTIP expresses best wishes for Passover to Jewish Canadians



Canada Talks Israel Palestine is a secular organization. Our members include Jews, Christians, Muslims, other faiths and even non-believers.

We extend our Passover greetings to our Jewish Canadian members, to other Jews across Canada (hoping they will become CTIP members some day) and to Jews around the world.

We offer a special shout-out to Canadian Jews organizing “Liberation Seders” in various cities across Canada. Two wonderful Liberation Seders for 2017 are dedicated to a free Palestine and the liberation of all peoples – one in Toronto and one in Hamilton. Both Seders will have the reading of the Haggadah followed by a Middle Eastern dinner.

Happy Passover.


Canada Talks Israel Palestine (CTIP) aims to promote a serious discussion in Canada about the complicated and emotional Israel/Palestine issue. If you support our educational mission, why not join? Or make a donation? Or learn more about what we do?  Contact us at membership.ctip@gmail.com.


  1. I can’t believe that CTIP have Jewish members, and I don’t believe that you personally have Jewish friends. Drop the act.

    1. I am a Jewish member of CTIP and a personal friend and admirer of Peter Larson. Born and raised in Hamilton Ontario, now living in Ottawa, I attended both the orthodox synagogue and the Hebrew School at the Jewish Community Centre where my father was the Director of Fitness and Recreation.

      I don’t always agree with Peter’s position nor with CTIP however I deeply respect what these folks are doing.

    2. Ami, you could not be more ignorant. Do some checking before you shoot your mouth.
      I’m Jewish and ex Israeli. I also personally know quite a few other Jews who have great respect for Peter’s work for justice and educating unknowing people about the truth.

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