Harper’s blind love of Israel lampooned in Toronto Star

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Scott Vrooman is a former public servant turned professional comedian. He is not afraid to tackle such politically charged issues as the proposed memorial to victims of communism or Bill C-51 (the anti terror bill). Recently he took aim at Steven Harper’s blind love for Israel.

Comedian Scott Vrooman has taken a humourous swipe at Steven Harper and his “hell or high water” defence of Israel. His 2 minute clip was recently published in the Toronto Star.

Who is Scott Vrooman?

In a previous career Vrooman was an economist at Finance Canada and at the Atlantic Provinces Economic Council. After leaving his “serious” job with the federal government, Scott Vrooman has become a professional comedian. He has written and performed comedy for TV (Conan, Picnicface, This Hour Has 22 Minutes), radio (This is That), and the web (Vice, Funny or Die, College Humor, The Toronto Star, The Huffington Post, iPolitics). His sketch group Picnicface broadcast 13 episodes of a sketch series, executive produced by Kids In The Hall alumni Mark McKinney, on Canada’s Comedy Network (Scott’s sketches).


  1. it’s very depressing to see how the Prime Minister exploits public ignorance and indifference with regard to many global and justice issues. Characterietic of slick political technique but unworthy of National Leadership

  2. The Toronto Star may have published it, but they’ve subsequently flushed it down the memory hole. It’s no longer anywhere to be found on their website.

    1. Hey Anonymous, I try to remain focused on the positive. The Toronto Star did publish it and someone saw it and sent it to me, and I circulated it to 650 of my subscribers. It has now had nearly 3000 views. That is great. Of course I am disappointed that the Star no longer has it on their website. They did a little bit, and I hope that, with encouragement, they will continue to do so. best.

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