United Church calls for Canadians to defend Palestinians from expulsions


The Oslo accords divided the West Bank into 3 areas (A, B, and C). The largest part, Area C (in light green) is lightly populated and under full Israeli military control. Israeli settlers are now moving in, expelling the Palestinian peasants who live there, forcing them into areas A and B. The United Church of Canada has launched an urgent appeal in support of one village located in the far south of the West Bank.  more

The entire Palestinian village of Khirbet Susiya may soon be demolished to make way for illegal Israeli settlers. Once this happens, the families of Susiya will be left homeless in harsh desert conditions. Of the 450 residents, 120 are children.


The shepherd village of Susyia is threatened by growth of illegal Israeli settlements. The inhabitants face expulsion

An international alarm has been raised by a number of human rights organizations, including B’tselem, an Israeli human rights organization.

The United Church of Canada has launched an urgent appeal in support Palestinian villagers in Khirbet Susiya. The appeal asks UCC members to write their MPs and the foreign policy leaders of the 4 main parties in Parliament.


  1. Peter,

    I’ll forward this new post to my MP. of Ottawa south “David McGanty”. Although, I believe nothing will stop Israel from doing what it intends to do. But we must do what we have to do, try our best.

    Thank you for caring for us “The *Palestinians” *Peter, Best wishes.

    Before reading this, I was going to write to you and tell you that “*I’ll give up”, * *I’ll stop caring about politics, about Palestine and Palestinian, but b cause Palestine is “in my heart, my mind and my blood, I don’t think I’ll be able to do so !!!*

    *Best wishes for the great supporter for the Palestinians Human Rights.*

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