Month: March 2015

Christian Zionism to be challenged by religious leaders in Vancouver conference


Pentecostals are one of several evangelical groups in Canada which strongly support Israel based on their belief in Christian Zionism. According to Robert Assaly, an Anglican priest, Christian Zionism also has a hold in many of the “mainline” churches. He is organizing a conference to discuss it. Learn more here.


The adventures of an “Accidental Jew” in Israel/Palestine


Robert Allison on a rooftop in Hebron. A Canadian Jew from Hamilton, he recently  travelled around Israel/Palestine. His fascinating blog, called “The Adventures of an Accidental Jew” is part travel guide, part poetry, and part introspection. He reflects on Israel/Palestine from the perspective of, as he calls it, an “accidental” Jew. Read my interview here.


Is Gideon Levy coming to a place near you this March? If so, go listen


Gideon Levy is a respected Israeli journalist who writes thoughtful opinion pieces for Ha’aretz, a leading Israeli daily. Some might compare him to the Globe and Mail’s Jeffrey Simpson or CBC’s Neil Macdonald. He loves Israel. But he is very worried about its future. His frank assessments have even lead to death threats from right wing Zionists. Let him tell you why he is concerned and what he sees for Israel’s future.