Christian Zionism to be challenged by religious leaders in Vancouver conference


Pentecostals are one of several evangelical groups in Canada which strongly support Israel based on their belief in Christian Zionism. According to Robert Assaly, an Anglican priest, Christian Zionism also has a hold in many of the “mainline” churches. He is organizing a conference to discuss it. Learn more here.

Canadian Friends of Sabeel, an organization which brings together several Canadian churches in support of Palestinian human rights, is organizing a conference on “Christian Zionism” in Vancouver on April 23 – 25th.

Entitled Seeking the Peace of Jerusalem: Overcoming Christian Zionism in the Quest for Justice the conference seeks to understand the theological roots of Christian Zionism and empower faith based activists to deal with it in their quest for justice for Palestinians.It has an extensive line up of high powered speakers from Canada and the USA.

robert assaly head shot

I met up with Father Assaly in Ottawa recently to talk about his hopes for the conference and why he thinks it is important. Listen and watch a short video interview with Father Assaly discussing the conference. Among other things he reveals that threats have been made by the Jewish Defence League. (Apologies for the amateurish quality of the video.)