Liberal Zionists fear Bibi’s proposed “annexation” of the West Bank risks international support for Zionism

Many liberal Zionists in Canada (and the US) Jews have expressed concern over Israel’s aggressive plan to “annex” up to 30% of the West Bank, in defiance of international law and international opinion. They fear that Israel is overreaching, and by making it clear that it has no interest in giving the Palestinians a state, western support for the Zionist idea of a state for Jews might be at risk. Read more...


“It’s not enough to say the 2 state solution is dead – you need to propose an alternative”, argue co-chairs of the One Democratic State Campaign

Jeff Halper (l.) and Awad Abdulfatteh (r) made a presentation and took questions from a large Canadian audience at a webinar organized by OFIP on May 9th on the “One Democratic State Campaign” of which they are the co-chairs. Halper is a Jewish Israeli and the founder of the Israeli Committee against House Demolitions. Abdulfattah is a Palestinian citizen of Israel and the former General Secretary of the National Democratic Assembly (NDA), one of four parties in the Israeli Knesset. CTIP has preserved a video recording. See more: (more…)

Independent Jewish organization goes head to head with CIJA over how to define anti-Semitism – guess who won?

Independent Jewish Voices Canada spokesperson Sheryl Nestel (bottom left) went head to head with Richard Marceau, Vice-President of the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (top right), in a webinar debate over the merits of a definition of anti-Semitism which some claim is designed to protect Israel. Other panelists included York law professor Faisal Bhabha, top left, and Bernie Farber a respected social activist and former President of the Canadian Jewish Congress (centre top). Who won? Read more…


Canada’s ambassador to UN throws “Hail Mary” pass to save UNSC bid. Will he score a touchdown?

In what appears to be a last minute attempt to save Canada’s bid for a UN Security Council seat, Marc-Andre Blanchard, Canada’s Ambassador to the UN has sent a letter to (all?) other UN Ambassadors defending Canada’s position with respect to Israel/Palestine. The UNSC vote will be held on June 17th. In his letter, Blanchard responds to a “letter from a group of Canadians” criticizing Canada’s position. Read more…


B’nai Brith attacks 50 former Canadian diplomats as “hypocritical, prejudiced and biased” against Israel

On June 1, over 50 former Canadian diplomats sent an open letter to Prime Minister Trudeau urging him to take a firmer stand on the issue of Israel’s proposed annexation of parts of the Occupied Palestinian Territory. A few days later, they were attacked by B’nai Brith Canada as “hypocritical, prejudiced and biased”. Read more…