Behind the curtain: HonestReporting Canada’s secret unveiled

An “Action alert” from HonestReporting Canada (HRC). Its attacks on CBC journalists is only a part of its wall-to-wall coverage of Canadian print, radio and television in defense of Israel. However, a recent leak shows how HRC is able to produce so much noise. Read more…

April 1, 2023 – CTIP Special report

As a regular watcher of media reporting on Israel/Palestine issues, CTIP has always been impressed by the volume of email, memos and blogs sent our way by HRC. It seems to have a huge staff churning out a steady stream of “action alerts” including attacking CBC journalist Chris Brown for “romanticising Palestinian terrorism‘, and attacking the author of a first person account in the UofT student newspaper The Varsity, for “ignoring Palestinian terrorism“.

HRC describes itself as “an independent grass-roots organization promoting fairness and accuracy in Canadian media coverage of Israel and the Middle East. With the assistance of our over 45,000 members from coast to coast, HRC monitors the media, recognizes excellence and exposes inaccuracy and bias in Canadian reporting on the region.

But our research department recently came upon a secret HRC file which explains the magic behind HRC’s astonishing output.

HRC uses sophisticated AI technology (called “GPT- Hasbara”) which it makes available to Israel-friendly organizations like HRC around the world. It is also available in many languages.

There’s nobody behind the curtain!!”, exclaimed Alice in Wonderland

GPT-Hasbara is able to seek out and refute any statements critical of Israel or supportive of the Palestinians.

(NOTE: this is not the same Israeli technology as Pegasus, the illegal spyware developed by a specialists from a different Israeli Ministry) used to illegally monitor cell phone conversations around the globe.)

Feeding 4 or 5 “tasks” into GPT-Hasbara, generally gives HRC one or two dozen hits, according to knowledgeable sources. Based on the secret information, we now know that there is NOBODY behind the HRC curtain. It’s all automated.

Here are some sample “tasks” given to GPT-Hasbara:

  1. Search for every CBC post, radio clip or television program to look for the word “Israel” or “Palestine”. If the article does not contain the words “terrorist” write a short article showing how and why the author is biased, slanted or fraudulent. Assume all CBC journalists are anti-semitic. Keep out a special eye for stories or articles articles by Matt Gallagher, Evan Dyer, Brent Banbury or Dave Brown. (On the contrary, share and circulate any articles by CBC’s Irris Makler.)
  2. Search social media to seek out any reference to Dimitri Lascaris, Yves Engler or Tom Woodley. Write articles which associate these three with “antisemitism”, “violence”, “radical politics”, “stalinism”, “anti-Israel”, “anti-democratic” or similar words.
  3. Search the background of every NDP candidate in Canada back to their age of 12. Include Facebook accounts,Twitter, Tictok, emails, articles in the high school newspaper, letters to the editor etc. If there is any reference to “Palestinian solidarity”, “Black Lives Matter”, “freedom”, “colonialism”, “solidarity” or “river to the sea”, make a summary and send it to the review department.
  4. Monitor every university newspaper across Canada. In any university where there is a campaign or a vote to support BDS, or against “Israeli apartheid”, identify the organizations and individual leaders by name. Find a way to discredit them using terms like “antisemitic”, “terrorist”, “murder”, “intimidation”, etc. If any university faculty member uses the term “settler colonialism” in class, create a special file immediately for future use.
  5. Search every Globe and Mail and Toronto Star article for any reference to Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, B’Tselem, or Al Haq. If the term “israeli apartheid” appears, generate a stiff refutation using the words “antisemitism” at least 4 times. Make it clear that there is NO occupation, there are NO political prisoners and NO illegal settlements.

That’s it… so simple. It doesn’t really require any intelligence at all….


This information is all imaginary…. but would it make any difference if it were true?? This is satire. It’s all made up, a disclosure made necessary by the absurdity of current reality, which prevents lots of people from telling the difference between truth and fiction.


  1. You almost had me. But then the sentence “our *research department *recently came upon a *secret *HRC file which explains the *magic *behind HRC’s astonishing output” got me wondering. Anyway, clever! Byron

  2. Very good Peter! I was thinking of doing something about Netanyahu resigning. This is like the Alberta satire currently running – almost true and it catches people. Marianna

  3. If it’s written at any other day of the year it will be, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

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