Meet the Italian lawyer who has replaced Professor Michael Lynk as UN special rapporteur for Palestine

On May 1st, Italian lawyer Francesca Albanese assumed the role of UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, replacing Canadian law professor Michael Lynk. OFIP spoke to doctor Albanese about why she took the job and what she plans to do with it over the six years of her term. Watch the video and read more…

Even before she had taken up her office of Special Rapporteur, Francesca Albanese was under attack by the Israel lobby, challenging her credentials and her suitability for the job – as they had done for Michael Lynk when he was appointed six years ago, and for his predecessors as well.

Francesca Albanese completely fails even the minimal standards of impartiality and objectivity, because this is an individual who has quite simply devoted her life to militant advocacy against Israel, as even a fleeting glance at her social media and public statements reveals. She’s the very opposite of  impartial.” complained UN Watch.

But the UN had good reasons to choose her as their representative.

Francesca P. Albanese is an international lawyer and researcher and the author of various publications and opinions on the question of Palestinian refugees, the longest and most protracted refugee situation since WWII. Her book, “Palestinian Refugees in International Law”, offers a comprehensive legal analysis of the situation of Palestinian refugees from its origins to modern-day reality.

Prior to becoming a full-time researcher, Francesca worked for ten years with the United Nations (2003-2013), including the UNRWA Department of Legal Affairs (based in Jerusalem), dealing primarily with the implementation of human rights.

In this interview with OFIP Chair Peter Larson she discusses why she took the job and how she plans to carry out her responsibilities.

Doctor Albanese will have her work cut out for her. Almost before she hit the ground, there was the murder of Palestinian Journalist Shireen Abu Akheh and a decision by the Israeli Supreme Court to authorize the expulsion of more than a thousand Palestinians living in the West Bank village of Masafer Yatta. If it goes ahead, it will be the largest expulsion in many decades.

Her first report to the UN will be presented this fall. CTIP will share the main findings of that report with our subscribers.

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  1. Thank you Peter for this interview. Good to know ho is at the post for next six years. She appears to be courageous, level headed, knowledgeable and experienced. No doubt the Zionists and Israel will do utmost to discredit her. Hope that she’ll have the strength and resolve to say the truths. Thank you again..

  2. I was glad to meet her through your interview. I admire her knowledge and inspirational energy and wish her great success. I think she has the capacity to train world focus on the urgency of restoring Palestinian rights.

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