Palestinian Canadian group plans Canada-wide Nakba Commemoration event May 12

A group of young Palestinian Canadians has planned a comemoration event to mark the 74 year mark of the Palestinian Nakba. It is endorsed by a wide range of Canadian student and human rights organizations. We spoke to one of the organizers. Read more….

The Palestinian Nakba (or “disaster”) began 74 years ago but continues today. It commemorated every year on May 15th which corresponds to the end of the British Mandate and the declaration of victory by Israel. In fact, the Nakba began 8 months earlier, on November 29th 1947 (the day after the UN vote gave half of Palestine to European Jews to form a state of their own) and continued for another 8 months during which time hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were forced to leave their homeland.

The “disaster” continues to this day as millions of Palestinian refugees remain forbidden to return to their homes, and uncompensated for their goods which were stolen.

More information about the Nakba Commemoration Initiative can be found on its Facebook page,

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  1. It is time to acknowledge Nakba and listen to those who suffered and still suffering. Canada had a role in creating conditions for Nakba, so we have a responsibility to bring healing and justice. Justice begins with giving a space for Palestinians to share their stories.

    PS – To attend the Zoom event, you only need the Meeting ID given on the poster.

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