Israel’s widening use of the “terrorist” label – from ice cream to human rights organizations – a conversation with Sari Bashi, author of Ha’aretz column “Umm Forat”

When Ben and Jerry’s announced it would no longer sell ice cream in the West Bank, Israel’s President Isaac Herzog labelled the move “a new kind of terrorism”. CTIP interviews Sari Bashi, a columnist with the Israeli daily Ha’aretz, about Israel’s widening use of the “terrorist” label to sully legitimate opposition. Watch the interview...

Sari Bashi is an Israeli Jewish woman who lives in the West Bank with her Palestinian husband and two children. Her very personal column, called “Umm Forat” (“mother of Forat”, her older son) about the daily challenges of a mixed couple living and parenting under the constraints of Israeli occupation, appears regularly in the “family’ pages of Ha’aretz. She also has a regular blog with the same name, which non-subscribers of Ha’aretz can access here.

Sara’s column is not explicitly “political” but living in Ramallah with a Palestinian husband under Israeli occupation makes every aspect of their lives “political”.

In her recent post, she discusses how she and her husband have had an “intimate acquaintance” with how Israel has been using the accusation of terrorism for several years – sometimes in rather arbitrary ways – but with significant consequences.

In a conversation with Peter Larson, she discusses her experiences with Israel’s expanding definition of “terrorism”

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  1. Israel became so arrogant that it’s going after anyone who works or advocates for the Palestinians.They raise their middle finger to the world, because they know that world government would do nothing. By the way, the Nazis called anyone who resisted them “Terrorists”. With Israel one doesn’t have to resist but just do humanitarian work for Palestinians, to be labeled as a terrorist. The irony of it is that the biggest terrorist by any measure is…….

  2. Speaking of labels, Ben and Jerry’s ice cream may be de-koshered. Not for religious reasons but for political reasons. Makes you wonder whether the label “kosher” means anything.

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