Post Trump: What’s happening in the USA on the Israel/Palestine file? An OFIP webinar with Phil Weiss, founder of Mondoweiss – January 19th

Phil Weiss, as Senior Editor of Mondoweiss, is a keen observer of the US political scene and has been watching the contradictory developments in the US on the Israel/Palestine file over the last 4 years. In an OFIP webinar on January 19th, he will make an assessment of where things are and where they are heading. Register now….

Donald Trump’s four years as president will be remembered for many things – not the least of which is the changed US relation with Israel. Moving the US embassy to Jerusalem, recognizing Israeli control over the West Bank, and proposing the “Deal of the Century”, America moved closer than ever to the most right-wing elements in Israeli society. AIPAC and the pro-settler lobby appeared to be in the ascendant in the USA.

However, a strong backlash has developed. American Jews – including organizations like Jewish Voice for Peace, If Not Now and various campus-based organizations are taking stronger and stronger stands as NON Zionists or even anti-Zionists. Stronger pro-Palestinian voices are being heard in Democratic Party circles, as people like Bernie Sanders openly criticize both Israel and Trump’s support for Israeli aggressions.

Phil Weiss at National Press Club in Washington, D.C.

Any resolution to the Israel/Palestine conflict will depend on the USA. As long as the USA gives diplomatic, economic and military support to Israel, the Palestinians have little chance of seeing justice. However, if American support diminishes, all bets are off.

In a recent article Weiss has written that the Capitol riot in Washington on January 6th, and the diminished status of President Trump, has given a profound shock to the Israeli leadership which saw Trump as their key ally.

Phil Weiss is one of America’s most astute observers of Israel, Palestine and US policy. He will be interviewed by Peter Larson, Chair of the Ottawa Forum on Israel Palestine (OFIP) and Lia Tarachansky, a member of the OFIP Advisory Council, about what’s happening today in the US on the Israel/Palestine file.

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