UN must hold international companies accountable: Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in Occupied Palestinian Territories

Professor Michael Lynk, (bottom left) UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territories responded to questions about his work at the UN from OFIP panelists and a large audience. Clockwise: Peter Larson, Chair, OFIP, Eman Ayyoub, Rebekah Sears and David Halton. Watch video of the informative session.

In an hour and a half interactive Zoom session, Professor Michael Lynk discussed his work as Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

Lynk explained that part of his job is to make a report to the UN every six months on human rights violations in the OPT. In his 2019 report, he focussed on how the UN should make Israel accountable for its violations of international law. In his upcoming report, to be filed with the UN General Assembly, he will zero in on making international companies accountable if, in violation of international law, they do business in and profit from, the Occupied Territories.

The special rapporteur has filed eight 10,000 word reports with the UN since being named in 2016. A ninth report will be filed at the UN General Assembly this fall.

Some quotable quotes from Professor Lynk

  • On accusations he is “biased”

“I came into this position 4 ½ years ago with an open mind. But I didn’t come in with an empty mind. I had read a lot. I knew a lot about the situation. As any good lawyer ought to be, I’m always willing to change my mind. You know when the facts change, my mind changes too.”

  • On justice

The way I see it: There are more than 6 ½ million Israeli Jews and more than 6 ½ million Palestinian Arabs, Christian and Muslim, who live between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. Neither group is going anywhere. And the only way they’re going to be able to live in prosperity and harmony is by living in equality and justice.”

  • On the occupation

This occupation has gone on for 53 years. No occupying country which, in good faith, is intending to return the occupied land to the people, the sovereignty, would be there that long. The world has kept on saying: “Well, maybe there’s an inkling of good faith in what the Israelis are doing.” But you know, the good faith barometer has long since broken with respect to this.”

  • On the solution

“Sometimes people say: Well, it can never get resolved; it’s about ancient hatreds; people who are incompatible with each other living on the same soil.

I don’t believe any of that. This is really in its essence a story of human rights, or the lack thereof. And the main struggle there is for the recognition of human rights, both individual and collective. Once that’s done then I think a lot of tension and a lot of stress will be released from that region, and they can then figure out in a judicious and democratic fashion how to wind up living together.”

The 90 min Zoom session was oversold but it was also recorded live on Facebook where another 100 or so people followed it. It is available here whether you have a Facebook account or not.


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  1. As Zoom event illustrates Professpr Lynke has doneza great job for the UN international community in bringing to light the human rights violation s in the occupied Palestinian territories and making recommendations for improvement and resolution of the Israel Paledtine issue depite being banned from Palestine by Israrl.. The Canadian govt was skeptical about his appointment bening to the criticism of the Israel lobby about his mandate and alleged bias in his performance. Going foreatd. The Goct of Canada and Ambassador Rae should give Professor Lynke full congratulation and credit the job he is doing.recognizing appropriately that he is a Cdn servant of the UNHRC

  2. Why do my comments exposing the falsehoods you promote scare you so much that you refuse to have them on your site? Honest people are not that afraid. Do you fear the truth will upset your choir?

    1. Hey Mr. Sigman,
      I am surprised by this comment. I have posted dozens of your comments almost all of which have been critical in some way of what I (or others) have said. I am happy to hear constructive argument, in fact I think it brings richness to the site.

      However, I do not feel obligated to post ALL of your comments. Just the useful ones.
      As a point of principle I will not post ad hominem attacks, or replies which do not bring any new information to the discussion.
      Your extensive quibbling whether “about” 6 million Jews were killed in the Holocaust, or “nearly”, or ‘exactly” or even “more than” was a good example of useless commentary.

      Mr. Sigman, Do you have your own website where you post materials? If so, I would be happy for you to share the URL, so that any of my subscribers who want know more of your point of view can go there.

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