OFIP webinar: Canada at the UN – Why did we lose? – July 9th, 7:30 p.m.

We lost. Why? What are the lessons to be drawn?

In the wake of Canada’s defeated attempt to get a seat at the UN Security Council, the Ottawa Forum on Israel/Palestine has assembled a panel of three experts to understand what happened and draw lessons for the future.

  1. Why did Canada fail in its attempt to be elected to the UNSC?

2. How important was our government’s repeated pro-Israel voting at the UN General Assembly in that defeat?

3. Is Canada equally supportive of Israel in the other UN bodies where we participate?

4. If so, what are the main reasons Canada generally supports Israel at the UN? Desire to protect Israel? Pressure from Israel? Pressure from the USA? Domestic pressures?

5. What would be the consequences for Canada if it took a more “neutral”, or “balanced”, or even “pro-Palestinian” position?

Our expert panel:

· Peggy Mason is the President of the Rideau Institute and a former Canadian Ambassador for Disarmament to the UN.

· Dr. Ferry de Kerkhove is a fellow at the Centre for International Policy Studies (CIPS) at the University of Ottawa, and a former Canadian Ambassador to Egypt

· Dr. Miloud Chennoufi teaches international relations at the Canadian Forces College (Toronto) where he chairs the Masters in Defense Studies program.

The analysis of any of these experts is their own, and does not necessarily reflect the views of Canada Talks Israel Palestine.

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  1. It is a shame that you only had voices that were anti-Zionist but Frey did a good job. Your survey question #4 was particularly egregious and your moderator butchered my question to the panel. Of course, coming from you, I did not expect any better but Frey was a pleasant surprise.

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