Registration for Carleton adult ed course on Israel/Palestine begins February 12th

Peter Larson regularly visits Israel/Palestine. Top left: in conversation with Canada’s Ambassador to Israel Deborah Lyons. Top right: visiting the site on the Jordan River where John baptized Christ. Bottom: discussing with University students in Gaza. A new session of his popular course in the Learning in Retirement program at Carleton University begins March 13. Registration opens on February 12 @ 9 a.m. Read more.

Understanding the complex and emotional issue of Israel and the Palestinians has been the subject of a popular course taught in the Learning in Retirement program at Carleton university for the last several years.

The 6 week daytime course (6 two hour lectures over a six week period) usually sells out (55 maximum enrolment) within a few hours of the opening of registration. This year registration opens on February 12. Most years there has been a substantial waiting list.

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Course description: Israel/Palestine: Will it ever end?
Over the last 70 years, the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians has cost
thousands of lives and imposed misery on many innocent people. To many Canadians,
the issue appears unsolvable. It is difficult to have a calm discussion about it, as
emotions are high on all sides. This lecture series will examine the Israeli and
Palestinian narratives and compare them to the historical record and current reality. We
will also look at whether Canada’s current policies are likely to help bring about a

Lectures, discussions, visual presentations, and film clips

For a complete course outline click HERE.

Registration begins at 9:00 a.m. on February 12th. To register click HERE.


Canada Talks Israel Palestine (CTIP) encourages a thoughtful discussion among Canadians on the Israel/Palestine issue, including a well informed and sensitive discussion of Zionism itself. CTIP accepts guest columnists and encourages brief comments (under 100 words) from serious readers. To learn more about what we do, contact us at




  1. Hi Peter
    Hope you are well & getting in some skiing despite the cold, rain, ice & wind. We are off on Monday for 5 days of skiing at Tremblant.
    Do we register for this event or just show up?
    Regards, Christene

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  2. Will it ever end?
    No. the powerful Western nations and their corrupt leaders have long demonstrated their unfair, immoral support to the occupying forces that continues till today to kill and steal.

    Will it ever end?
    Yes, if the Western nations and their corrupt leaders have any respect for human dignity, they will bring the murderers to justice and give Palestinians the rights to live in their own land.
    Only humans can do that if they want.

    The question is, Will this happen in our life time?????????

    1. Hey Muazzam, Thanks for your comment. I think it has a lot more to do with economic and political interests than morality or “corruption”. I think the USA sees Israel as a key geopolitical ally in the oil rich region. As long as the USA has an interest in supporting Israel, I think Israel will have no reason to change. But if internal and external factors lead the US to reduce its support for Israel, new possibilities will arise.

  3. Hi Peter,

    Glad to follow your dealings with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. I left Israel, with my wife and three grown-up children, 8 years ago, and found my new home in Canada. I’m still very troubled with the direction the conflict keeps taking, and wish Canada would take a stand, one that reflects Canada’s humanistic values. I’m one of those people who see the two state solution as something that is not attainable (too late…), which brings us to the only solution that is feasible, the one of a one democratic and all-inclusive state solution. Whatever the solution will be, Canada should definitely stand behind the rights of all people in the region, from the Mediterranean sea to the Jordan river, to live in dignity.
    Since I live in Toronto, and not in Ottawa, I cannot attend the Carlton University course, but I want to pledge my support.

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