Do you think Trudeau should talk more about human rights for Palestinians?

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Justin Trudeau said that Canada was back…but on Israel/Palestine, we’re mostly seeing more of the same Harper policy. Publicly, Trudeau claims to have a “balanced” position and says he supports a “2 state solution”. But in fact, it seems the Trudeau government almost always sides with Israel. We are conducting a survey. Read more.

Do you think Trudeau should be talking more about Palestinian human rights?

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“Raise the issue, but lower the temperature”

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  1. Yah, he looked depressed, which is not a good image for the players. He looked like he ewes facing doomsday. Love, Ma

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  2. Trudeau has been a been a huge disappointment on I/P issues.

    I have no problems wirh a balanced approach which holds both sides accountable.

    In fact historically (before harper) it would have been hard to pin on Canada a lable supporting either side.

    I want to see my country supporting the rule of law. The laws that have been enacted to avoid the conflagrations which have claimed many millions of lives.

    I have written the PM and stated this so I have no trouble posting it here that his actions and statements have dishonouref the house and the nation.

    Clearly donors mean more than principles to him.

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